Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another day in Minnesota...

I should have stopped by and blogged earlier, but I was too busy having fun with family. Today was party day with both sides of our families, celebrating Brock's birthday and being able to be together. Brock turns 8 tomorrow. We had a nice afternoon together with cousins we don't get to hang out with very often. Good food, lots of laughing, catching up, picture-taking and cake. =)
In case you wanted to catch us on tv, our forgiveness segment airs on Lifetime television tomorrow morning at 9:30 Eastern/Pacific and 8:30 am Central. Here's the link online: in case you want to check it out. Catch you all later!


iveyfamily said...

Hey I love your blog! Found it and have read a lot of it today and yesterday.

I was wondering if it was okay to add your blog to my site as blogs I read daily. Let me know. I already did today, but if you say no then i'll go and take it off.


Anonymous said...

So cool to hear YOU talk AND rockstar CHIP!! Great segment, my big forgiveness moment came about 10 years ago when I met my dad for the 2nd time in my life at the age of 27. The 1st time I met him I was 7. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that took control of my tongue and my heart in that moment and did the work for me. Thank God!


Anonymous said...

Timely!!!! I'm needing to go through a forgiveness process in my life with several individuals. I know it won't be easy, so I need to go to God and ask for his provision in this process. Forgiveness "is" a process and it's not a feeling. These people, in my view, don't deserve it~~but I don't deserve it neither so it's out of obediance that it needs to be done. Thank you for your blog and your sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a tremendous lesson on forgiveness your family is and I hope that those who see this wonderful testament are inspired.
Funny thing our sermon today was on forgivess too...hope God isn't trying to tell me something, but I suspect he is.
Hope the cold in Minnesota today isn't too bad and that the sun shines for Brock's big day!
Jill from Omaha

Christal said...

Jody? Did my comment disapper?