Saturday, January 20, 2007

"One-Hit Wonder"

You know how they refer to bands on VH-1 (not that I watch VH-1 all that often) when they have a song that goes straight to the top and then that's all you ever hear from them? Well, that's a good description of me in the scrap world right now. =)
I recently had my first published layout in Creating Keepsakes Top Ten Issue Magazine as part of the SOY article they featured. I have not seen my layout in print, and it differs from the one here, because it just so happened that this layout got misplaced by one of the mag editors and so I had to rescrap this one for the actual magazine article. But anyway, I've been told it's on page 50, and it has had some scrappers in tears.
I had it in my head to turn these pictures and journaling into a mini-album for my kids to read as they grow up. But, when that contest came around and I had a deadline to make 20 layouts, well, I just grouped all the photos together and made one layout out of them. This is different in style then a lot of my other pages. Just goes to show you that I was (and still am) learning about scrapping and trying to figure out how to do it. It's still amazing to me that I won a spot in the top 10 in the SOY contest, considering I never scrapped before then!
I know it has more to do with my 'scrap philosophy', if there is such a thing. I truly believe that the 'story' or memory or fact expressed on the page is the most important element. If a page evokes emotion, or holds a lot of meaning, well then I think it's a great layout. I have layouts that are just for fun. Or simple and wouldn't mean a thing to hardly another soul in the world. But for me, they speak volumes. That's why I scrap. For me. So, you can imagine how much I have gotten a kick out of seeing my pages make it to the top. Even if I only end up as a one-hit wonder, it's been a fun ride. =)
Oh yeah. In case you can't read the little journaling boxes on the page, this is what they say:
"I Should Have Known"
I should have known that I would miss you every minute of my day. Simply being you...the way you would tilt your head, the twinkle in your eyes and the gleam of your smile lit up every minute of everyday that I had you in my life. I should have known that I could miss your smile.
I should have known that making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or doing laundry could make my heart ache for you. Folding the whites without your days-of-the-week underware has brought me to my knees in tears. I should have known I could miss you even in my daily routine.
I should have known when seasons change my thoughts turn to you. You loved spring flowers; you lived for the warmth and fun of summer. The crisp fall air brings memories of you laughing & jumping into piles of crunchy leaves. Each year my eyes fill with tears at the first snowfall. I should have known.
I should have known the pain of losing you would be so great. Teagan, you touched the deepest parts of me- my heart and my soul. I am grateful for the time I had you in my life. You filled my days with joy and delight. I only wish I would have soaked these memories in a tiny bit more.


Jewell said...

Wow! Such moving words and a beautiful layout. You move me to tears again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouraging words...especially your "I should have known" on your post here. There was a woman whom I had never met at Noah's service, but we had talked on the phone and emailed a bit. Her 4 year old daughter died the week before Noah and it really struck me to the core. Having Em and the memories we have built in only 4.5 years, and now not having Noah in my arms, I can only imagine your journey and what it is like to do laundry without the days of the week underwear. I'm so sorry that Teagan is no longer in your physical life, day to day, but I pray that your hope for the future and knowing your husband is right in saying she wouldn't return if given the chance, is an encouragement to you. I don't know how you heard about Noah, but thanks for your prayers and support over the last few months!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I did see your layout in CK and it did bring me here and I have read pages and pages and pages of your blog and I have pieced together some of your losses, both before and still ongoing. My heart aches for you. I'm glad you were able to express yourself in these pages and in many others, your story is inspiring and Im glad to have read it! It made me run to hug my three girls!
Thank you and congratulations on your placing :)

Anonymous said...

great journaling -- :D
i SERIOUSLY doubt you will be a one hit wonder ;)

halfbakedscrapartist said...


Just wanted to say my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! I saw your photo and layout in the CK Top 10 magazine that I picked up yesterday...what an honor! I would love to get together sometime to share pages.


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

i agree w/ other commentors here- i'm betting we see more pages in print. :)
congrats again. i can't wait to see the top 10 issue!! i looked everywhere for it today. tomorrow is another day. i'm hoping i just looked at the wrong store. lol
your journaling/blogging is always tops! i agree, if it evokes emotion then no matter what it is awesome to me.

KatieButler said...

Gorgeous layout, and incredible journaling--you have such a way with words.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jody... you have moved me to tears yet again. You do have a way with words; I know that the Lord has gifted you with an incredible story to tell AND the ability to tell it in an incredible way.

Thanks again for sharing your heart and soul.

glo-girl said...



well deserved recognition, jodi!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the LO in CK. It's gorgeous and made me hug my kids a little harder at bedtime tonight. I love your style and I agree that we will see lots more of your work! Melita

Anonymous said...


I haven't yet seen the layout, as I am not a scrapper, but it makes me want to go find the magazine.

You have meant so much to me these last months, and I celebrate Teagan's life and your own wonderful ministry.

I lost my brother and sister in separate accidents, and you have been a real help in helping move through my life without them.

a fan

Anonymous said...

I saw your page in CK Top Ten and saw the post in GS on 2peas. I'm amazed at this page. To be able to put your thoughts into words about situations like this is so difficult. I've tried so many times to do pages like this about my dad (he passed away 12 1/2 years ago) but I just can't seem to do it. With this page as encouragement, I hope to again try and accomplish this feat. I will be praying for you and your family as I'm sure every day can be a bit rocky and unsure.
I actually only live about 35 to 45 minutes from you and am in your area constantly because that's where I'm from. I'd love to meet you. I'm amazed at your beliefs, your trust in God, and at how you know your little girl is with Jesus. :)
Thanks for inspiring me....

heather said...

I received my CK magazine three days ago and was so excited to see your layout featured as one of the finalists. I felt like I knew you when I opened to the page and saw your picture and the layout about Teagan - the journaling is incredible. I just had my first child and he is just precious - your layout reminds me of just how imporant it is to cherish every day of his little life and to be thankful for God's blessings. Thank you for always being so open with your feelings and for sharing your story even when it is tough to do so.

Carrie said...

Beautiful page, Jody. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me everyday. I love your beautiful and touching layout. I'm betting you have a whole slew of new fans thanks to pg. 50 in the CK mag.


Sara said...

I just wanted to say congrats and let you know that I seriously doubt your "one hit wonder" prediction. When you share something so real and so beautifully touching with the world good things MUST come back to you. Thanks again, Sara

patterns of ink said...

The magazine was in the school office Monday. I enlarged it on the copier to read it. I was glad my office door was shut. Very simple and powerful, Jody.
I know I'm not alone in thinking that it's not a question of when you will publish all of this in a BOOK...(not just am outstanding scrapbook)'s a question of which publisher you should choose to work with. There are some good ones in the Grand Rapids area. Retain as much creative control as possible. I think you could design the cover and everything. I would be unlike anything on the shelves today.

Anonymous said...

Your "I should have known" layout was beautiful. I teared up when I was done reading it. I have read many layouts since I started scrapbooking but none have touched me like yours did. When I first started reading it I assumed she had just started school and that was why you missed her. My heart sank when I realized that she was in heaven. It was a lovely tribute to such a beautiful little girl. You are an inspiration to me.

Andrea said...

Jody, I too saw your layout in the Top Ten Issue and I was struck by your journaling about your precious Teagan! Thank you for sharing your story of loss and of hope with the scrapping community! I know it isn't easy, as I too have just recently lost my own daughter. I wish you much happiness as God guide's your way...blessings, Andrea

Becky Thalgott said...

You definitely had me in tears along with many others when I saw your layout in CK. And now I've come to your blog and have read and read and read. You are truly an inspiration and I feel blessed to have stumbled upon your blog today. And I highly doubt you'll be a one hit wonder.

Peg Graham said...

Oh Jody,

you got me sobbing...simply sobbing here.

I get so much strength from you....
Peg Graham