Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My lessons for today.

I think my husband has a special ability. He leaves home and WITHOUT FAIL something happens that forces me to learn a new skill or call on a friend or handyman. {I hate having to ask people for help.}
Today...he's off to Florida, I was so confident that all would be well while he's away. Apparantly I needed a lesson in self-suffieciency and/or pride.
I had the kids up, fed, dressed and ready to go, and found my vehicle dead. Bella started to cry, "Not my van! I don't want a dead van!" Brock says, "Yay! I don't have to go to school today!" I'm thinking, "What did I do the past couple of days that I should have done differently?"
Thankfully a terrific friend came to my rescue and we ended up only about 35 minutes late for school. Not bad.
My lessons came in my next venture. I had Chip talk me through starting the snow blower and figured I'd have no problem driving that baby to clear the ridge of snow in front of our mailbox. This is where the learning part began. All I know is you all would be getting a thrill if I had streaming video of 'Nitty.Gritty. vs. the Snowblower' to link here.
First lesson 8 horse-power snowblower in fourth gear can take a 125 lb. person anywhere it wants to.
Next lesson... I will never tell Chip that he's lucky to be the 'guy instead of the girl' at our house. I have taken his snowplowing efforts for granted far too long. Never again.
I sure hope the snowflakes subside today. Otherwise it's gonna be me and the ol' snowblower again tomorrow. I'd rather sit at the computer with a steaming cup of coconut coffee and my blog. {Hurry home, Chip! Love you. =)}


Anonymous said...

Time to teach your kids how to use snow shovels! For some reason, mine enjoy shoveling sidewalks - even for neighbors. A couple of years from now they might have a business venture from this 'marketable skill'! :^)

T in SE MI

Deb said...

Soooo laughing at the snowblower incident! Hoping you didn't have to attempt to use that monster again!

I love your blog - your honesty especially. Just about life.

I just read the post previous to this one about Celine Dion and the peanut butter toast. That really hits home - I am living a life that I love! Thanks for the reminder!

Ohhh. . .and next time you think about using the snowblower - hire someone! :O)

Anonymous said...

So funny about the snowblower. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Been trying to comment all day...blogger acting up...
Anyway, why does that always happens, hubby leaves and all heck breaks loose!
Once when my hubby left for 2 weeks, I'm home with little ones, no cells back then... within a couple hours I notice the back yard is flooded... the water main had broke... thank God for neighbors!
And I couldn't even call him and get some sympathy!

Beth said...

I usually just lurk and read in awe, but your snowblower story made me laugh out loud after a long day! thanks :)

glo-girl said...

it's usually the computer that gives me problems when the hubster leaves.
the computer or the internet connection.
and really, what good is one without the other?

Anonymous said...

You are brave and courageous to post your weight for all to see. I wish more women were as confident as you seem to be. Good for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you disciple me in God and in positivity? You posted today exactly what I long for . . . living in the moment, appreciating my life. . . but I'm not so good at it!!!! Help!