Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mail and meltdowns.

I officially drew two names out of a hat this evening, and the Valentine card recipients are going to be Lisa Tanner and Jill from Omaha. Send me your mailing addresses (to ) and I will get those cards in the mail to you.

Thanks to everyone for all your candy heart thoughts. I now have some new blogs to check out thanks to some of your links too. Just for that, I will have even less time in my life to scrap layouts and make cards. =)

I am happy to report that Chip made it home safe and sound, and wanted to pack his bags for another trip after being in the house for less than 2 minutes. Everything and everyone was just as he had left it- crazy as ever! Some of you can relate to that, huh? I owe a big thanks to Rachael for all her help with my younguns while Chip was away. She kept me sane and we even had some laughs, "Thank You, Rachael".

In addition, I owe "Dr. & Mrs. H' a big apology for Bella's meltdown at their front door as we prepared to leave their home last evening. Bella wanted to stay and have a sleepover with their 4 year-old son...and she was devastated when I wouldn't allow it. {This was only the second time she had ever played with their son! I do have a few standards. =)} So, she cried the whole way home, and then once inside our house started saying, "I love you, I love you, I love you" that she could avoid getting an expected punishment. Smart girl, really. I hope her behavior isn't a reflection of my parenting, or of how she plans on acting in future years. But I have a strange feeling.... Despite all the yelling, running, jumping, not sharing, pulling, pushing, knocking over, and misunderstanding, we had a nice time with the 'H family', and we hope our friendship can blossom from here on out. Thanks for dinner and entertaining my kids, and I promise to work on Bella and her meltdowns this week.


Anonymous said...

the dear niece today had a meltdown while her mother & i chatted on the phone...seems her brother got extra long time playing on the computer while she was distracted by Tom & here she comes a-cryin' to Mommy...."why, mommmy...why??"
at least she can't see me, so i can laugh my bum off.

ah- - the joys of having a Drama Queen in the family!! so glad Chip got home safe!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I've been published or something - I mean my name and comment are here on the page - for all to see!! WOW! Thanks Jody for doing this cute happy little things for us. Something we adults need a cute little happy, don't we? :)

Christal said...

Cute Jody! I love the ideas you come up with! You always keep me coming back for more. Congrats Lisa and Omaha! Christal:)

Anonymous said...

well it looks like i picked the wrong time to get a little stomach bug -- ;)

Super cute cards and Super nice of you to SHARE

glo-girl said...


so you mean i shouldn't have meltdowns at the mall because they don't have my favorite lipstick color for under $25 a tube?
should i have grown out of this at some point?



of course i wouldn't have a fit over lipstick. now purfume, that's another story...