Saturday, December 23, 2006

Love this day.

I took that picture yesterday after baking Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies {finally}. I had previously posted a picture and the recipe, and decided to take my own version of the same picture. (Does that make sense?)
That Starbuck's mug is my new favorite...the one I asked Chip to bring home for me on my birthday. He did and it made me happy. I plan on using it year round...either sipping my morning coffee out of it, or as a pencil holder on my scrap desk. Or maybe I'll just go and purchase a second one so I don't have to decide. =)
So, why do I love this day? For starters, I got to 'sleep in' {again} and had no place to be by a certian time. I have enjoyed 48 hours of not having to strap kids into carseats to drop off or pick up anybody. I had no idea how good 'lazy days' could feel!
I've had my kids singing, playing, making pictures with markers, running, laughing, snacking, and of course a few hugs and kisses thrown in here and there too. Feels good to just be.
Hubby will be home late, but then his holiday will kick in for a couple of days. We'll get to just be for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
The icing on the cake came for me just a few minutes ago. Some of you will understand. Others of you will have no idea. =) Brock brought in the mail and as I flipped through the {small} stack of cards, one in particular jumped out at me. The return address reads: 'the Swapp Family'.
I told'd either get it or not.
All I know is a little Christmas card can bring a lot of good cheer! I really should go get to work on my own {belated} Christmas cards. For 39 cents, you can spread lots of goodness and cheer.


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

as in Heidi eh? lol that is way cool! :)
fun and good for you Jody. happy belated b-day! love me some starbucks mugs too.

Anonymous said...

you so need to post that card! lucky you - in more ways than one!
i need to get that Starbucks mug, just looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

THe SWAPP FAMILY -- OMGoodness -- You are SO FAMOUS -- HEidi sent you a card -- :D :D -- talk about some joy --

see this is why i don't go to many concerts -- i would totally FREAK OUT the celebs :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a really great day. And you're right. You can really spread a lot of joy just for 39 cents. It's amazing how many people really enjoy receiving something as simple as a Christmas card to say 'I'm thinking of you'. I hope the next couple of days are just as realaxing for you as the last two were. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

karen said...

How lucky!!

I am also loving sleeping in and not having to do the morning routine.

PB Kiss cookies are one of my favorite holiday staples!!

glo-girl said...

oh how i *love* me some forgotten kisses.

and heidi swapp's not too shabby, either!!