Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas letdown.

I don't know if there is such a thing, but if there is, then a little bit of it came to our house the past day or so. Bella was up almost all last night (which means Daddy and Mommy are up half the night or more as well...) and then spent the day not looking so hot, feeling warm, throwing up and just generally being not her ordinary self. A trip to the walk-in clinic confirmed an ear infection- which explains why she wasn't looking or feeling so hot.
We did get one dose of medicine in her and so far it has stayed down, but it's likely she'll be up some during the night. Thank goodness for caffeine in the morning coffee pot. =)
So, while we enjoyed a relaxing, laid-back kind of Christmas, reality and routine hit us head on only a day later. I wonder why it is that some people never or rarely have sick kids, and I seem to have them a large percentage of the time. Is it just my perspective? Do I have too many kids- raising the number of times I can have sick kids compared to others, or is there a 'sick fairy' that hovers too close to my house- no matter how many times we get put through the wringer?
I don't know. I just know that if you have happy, healthy kids that you should thank your lucky stars more times than you know.
Still, it's also amazing to me how adaptable we become to the cycles of sickness in our home. I am glad that Chip and I have worked out a 'system' that allows us to function well together (most of the time) and 'divide and conquer' these times in our life. Like last night...he was up, I was up, he went back to bed with Bella, I got a bit more sleep. Then he went off to work, I juggled meals, laundry, sick Bella and keeping the other kids happy and entertained so that Bella could rest. Next up...I cooked dinner, Chip took Bella to the clinic; I gave kids at home baths. When he got home, I grabbed groceries and filled a prescription, while he entertained kids. Then it was jammie time and tuck-ins. Both of us were able to do that.
Now we get to draw straws to see who has the 'night shift' tonight. =) Hopefully it will be sort of quiet.
But in all this, I see how we are a team, and that that is the best way to get through these kind of days. We don't have family around to call on or send kids over's us almost all the time. I don't mean this to turn into a pity party. Quite the opposite. Yet I don't want to sound like I'm bragging either...I'm caught in between. I just want Chip to know how much I appreciate him and the way we handle life together really well, on the 'bad days'. It's the tough times that make me realize over and over again, just how lucky I am to have hooked up with Chip.
I know a lot of people don't have a dependable spouse or best friend. I would take sick kids and a husband who stands by me and gets me through our ills over healthy kids and nobody to lean on. Maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe it's just my lack of sleep talking here, but I think it's true. A good friend is better than medicine in many ways. So, if you find yourself getting hit with the winter blues or the holiday letdowns in the next days and weeks, my advice would be to call on a friend. Hook up with someone you really love and can depend upon. Ask them to see you through this time.
I have a hunch it will be all the 'medicine' you need. And if you have no idea what the blaahs are that I am talking about- well then, just thank your lucky stars...and seek to be the best friend to those around you that you can be. They'll thank you for it, I'm sure!


Rays Family said...

Those who say they don't have sick kids are not being honest, we've ALL been there and will continue to be there with our little sickies!

In know time they will all be feeling much better. Hang in there, spring is just 4 months away! lol


Anonymous said...

I remember those days...and I only had 2 kids!! You are in the majority. I think when you have kids and they are in school they all seem to get the virus of the week and then bring it home to pass it among the masses there. I know that it seems like you are in this and it will "never" end, but trust someone who will end in time! Don't know if the weather is mild where you live but that too could be part of it (if so) as the germs/virus's seem to thrive when the weather isn't frigid.

Anonymous said...

When my boys were 3 and 5 they both got mono and threw up all over aisle seven at Snyder Drug. I stayed away from there for a few does get better!!

amy j. said...

Oh boy can I relate...we had a sick one up nearly every night with high fevers the week before Christmas...then both of us really sick right before and during Christmas and yesterday the oldest got sick again with an ear infection she apparently hadn't cleared from two weeks prior. I think we've been to the doctor's office about four times already this winter and are on our third set of antibiotics for the small one and second set for the oldest...though both have already had ear infections this season. This is round two...or is it three. And round two of bad resp/colds for mom and dad. Thankfully no throwing up. Since my oldest girl is diabetic I fear that tremendously. I agree with you, it seems our family is sicker than most. But then again, we're only sick during winter for the most part. And like you, we've just gotten so used to it that it's an "auto" pilot kind of thing for us now. My best friend has only one son and he's two. He just now got sick with strep really bad and she was beside herself with anxiety. Then he got sick about two weeks later with croup. Again she was beside herself. I have to admit I was a bit miffed at her stressing over it and making such a big deal considering my own personal experiences with two sick kids. All I could offer up to her? "Believe me, there will come a time when you're more annoyed by it than overly concerned...and you'll take care of him without even thinking about it." And it's true, with experience comes the ability to cope and with that the manuevering necessary to get through life with it one or five, lol. Hope she's better soon. I HATE ear infections with a passion. They plague both of my girls.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who's recently had a couple of days like yours. And she's a single mom.

So you're right; having a wonderful partner and team member makes ALL the difference in the world.

Anonymous said...

As one who had to deal with nearly chronic ear infections (both myself and with a child) it's more than a "pain" (excuse the pun). It can become an aggravation as another posted here. Middle of the night wake-ups, trips to the ER, trips to the doctor and endless medications. I had a thought in reading you post...have you pursued the idea of food allergies in your family? It's found out with a blood test. I think alot of illnesses probably are caused by this and people just aren't realizing it. Alot of doctors though, aren't fammiliar iwth this nor are willing to pursue it. You can find out with a simple blood test.

KatieButler said...

Sorry to hear about Bella's ear infection. We had three Christmases in a row with at least one child getting sick--no picnic! And I do think having someone you can 'tag team' with makes all the difference, all around. Hope she's feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hear you! We seem to always keep the sickness around our house this time of year. It gets me down, and then I usually get sick too. My husband is a wonderful help, he's lucky he hardly ever gets sick, plus, he doesn't mind cleaning up the yucky stuff!

Hope your household gets better!

Anonymous said...

Ugh- sorry to hear about another kiddo being under the weather!

My husband recently read that children have an average of 9 colds a year. (And considering we only have 12 months... well those aren't great percentages!)

(hugs) & hopefully life will get back to normal soon! :)

Nancy said...

I had one healthy kid and one sick kid and now that they are adults... it is still the same. I think it is just genetics. You do have my prayers and may God continue to bless your life even when the babies are sick. God surely has blessed you with a very special husband (((((CHIP)))))!

Anonymous said...

as a teacher i can tell you that little kids will get sick.
it takes a few years to build up a resistance to all the cooties out there.
sickness seems to be rampant at this time of year..
there is a light at the end of the tunnel- i promise!

Brown English Muffin said...

I so so so feel you on this one...I have a co-worker who recently started so she can't take sick time. Her mother is dead and her father is not depenable to leave her son with.

She has no family here and her husbands parents work so basically the only person who can care for her sick son is her husband and he can't be out that much from his job.

It made me realize that I need to appreciate my husband more instead of getting on him for the little things that drive me crazy.

Thanks for the reality check!!!

Elisha said...

It looks like we had almost the exact same Christmas adventure. Go check out my blog!