Monday, November 20, 2006

What's in YOUR wallet?

That tag line, "what's in your wallet" comes from some credit card ad that's on tv these days. I can't tell you which one it is...VISA, MC or AMerican I guess it wasn't 100% effective for me. =)
Anyway, in keeping with my monthlong posts of gratitude I have a little project to share today. Monday mornings have been my productive days of the week lately- today I whipped up this Thanksgiving picture/journal wallet in part for a challenge posted at KI Memories blog. I was anxious to put the products that they sent me to good use, and what better way than to rise to a challenge! (All the papers and gel candies are from their 'Grateful' them!)
I was thinking of what it means to be 'grateful' and what I would like my kids to think about as Thanksgiving comes and goes this week. I came up with the idea of a small wallet in which I can put pictures and jot down what we eat on Thanksgiving, and make notes of what each of us has to be thankful for this Thanksgiving 2006. Cute, huh?! If I need more room to write important memories down, I will simply cut more 'dollar bills' down to size and write my thoughts on them and then I can tuck them into the money pocket.
This little wallet is simple and easy to make, and I think it will be fun to pull out each year and to either add things to it, or make another one and pass them around the table from year to year. I hope that my kids learn that while it's important to use your money wisely, and that it helps you attain certain things in life, it's never the most important thing in life. It's family and memories and blessings in life that are to be appreciated on days such as Thanksgiving. Above all else, I hope that they learn from me on Thanksgiving and everyday, that I don't value what's in my wallet, but what's inside my heart. "For where your treasures are, there will your heart be also."


Anonymous said...

The ad for the credit card is Capital One! :-)

shawnna said...

Jody -- i so love the last paragraph of your post -- I hope I can teach my children this as well -- blessings to you and yours

Susan said...

What a great idea! Loving it! You are a very "rich" woman, and I DON'T mean in $$$. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family!! :o)

Elisha said...

So super cute, Jody!