Wednesday, November 15, 2006


How fitting that after my previous post I am writing about memories today. It's been a really neat thing for me to capture my memories in scrap layouts. I have enjoyed the process of putting the pages together and seeing them tell a story in the colors, paper design, pictures and words that I put together to pull the layout into shape. Very neat for me...
I am thankful for my memories. I know that with each passing day they fade a bit, especially in regards to Teagan, but they also become that much more valuable to me at the same time. I know I may not always have the opportunity to record my memories or to pull them back up in my mind, so what I write about or scrap about is very important, not just for now- but for down the road for myself and my family.
I am learning to love history (family and American and other history as well) more than I ever did before in recent years. Maybe it is because of things that have happened (like 9/11) that make me it more relevant, maybe it is my age, maybe it is that there are so many really good documentaries and movies on various events, but whatever it is, it has made me more aware and more grateful for people, places and values that are worth fighting for.
I appreciate the elderly people in my life, especially my grandparents, and all that they passed on to me through their wisdom and experiences. I have learned that while they may not have passed on great riches and wealth to me, that what I learned from them and the character they had was worth more than money.
I hope that my memory stays sharp for years to come, and I am thankful in a special way that I have been able to keep Teagan's memory alive- not just for me, but for her brother and sisters who never got to know who she was in their life. I hope that they will one day appreciate the importance I placed on memories, and they see that the time and energy I put into 'saving' those memories was time well-spent.

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CD said...

and it really is time well spent Jody! I love your attitude. Imagine how cool it would be if we had albums like the ones you are creating to look through and share with our own children...what a precious gift your memories are :)