Thursday, November 02, 2006

I tried...

I tried posting these pictures and writing here yesterday. I really did. Another glitch in the blogging system, I suppose, and sadly, that meant no new Nitty.Gritty. for a day.
I know some of you miss that, and I miss it too, because now, a day later, my thoughts have changed and I've lost whatever it was that I was going to write about yesterday.
Today I guess you get my new and improved thoughts. =) Let me just comment on the pictures of Bella and Wyndham first. These pictures make my heart smile. The expressions on my girls' faces are so authentic, so real. They expose a piece of their personalities, and are reminder to me of how truly humbling it is to me that I get to be the Mommy in their life. SO lucky for me, so undeserved....and to think, at one time I never wanted to have any kids. These smiles and faces and total fun make me step back and say, "I wonder what I did so right in my life to get this?"!
Yes, there have been moments. Even days when having the responsibility and concern for them has been overwhelming. But it's the everyday joy and happiness and tender moments we share that make it all worth it, and even more.
Now that the calendar reads 'November', I am trying to make an effort to recognize and appreciate the goodness that abounds in my life- every single day. I'm keeping a little notebook/journal and jotting down the first thing that pops into my head each day for this entire month. My hope is that I'll see the blessings, sometimes small, sometimes undeserved, but well worth taking the time and effort to remember.
Yesterday it was looking at these pictures and realizing how much I appreciate diverse personalities...especially in my kids, but in others too. Somedays it can be difficult to handle people and their own character traits, but I am learning that when I interact with others unlike myself, it actually can 'grow me' as an individual. I learn there are different ways to accomplish the same goals. I learn that love looks as different as every one of us. I am learning different personalities stretch me to think of new ways of doing things, or to say things in new and meaningful ways- to achieve a variety of results. I know I love my kids and my husband, family and friends- many times because of their personalities and how their uniqueness brings happiness and joy to my life.
Different personalities make me a better, more 'full' person. That's was my 'thing to think about and appreciate for day 1 of my month of gratefulness'.
Today, day 2, I am thankful and appreciative of the people in my life who are always there for me. Some of you may not realize just how much you mean to me, but trust do! There are people who can think of me or send emails or do 'little' things in my life...and they mean so much to me. I plan to send out cards this month to each of these people. For a couple of minutes of my time, a small card and 37 cents, I can tell these people in print how much I really care about having them in my life.
I think often about being born in this particular space and time. I know that every person has a purpose for being in this world, and that it was known before their creation that they would exist at just this moment. It amazes me that I was fortunate to be born into a family full of love and blessing...and surrounded by others who love and want the best for me too. I don't take that lightly. I feel great responsibility to live up to and to fulfill the purpose of my being who I was meant to be. I am grateful for so many others, who were chosen to touch my life- in this same space and time, and today I make a special note of those thoughts and feelings in my little notebook.
I invite you to do the same thing. It's really a small thing to down one thing you are appreciative for in your life right now. Think about it, or if it's a person, tell that individual- in card, email or by phone, that you are thankful for them or something about them today. I can't help but think I will have a heart more full of gratitude and goodness by the time December rolls around. And it will have cost me virtually nothing. How's that for a good investment plan!


Anonymous said...

Hey there nitty gritty, your nitty gritty thankfulness is quite inspiring for someone who would rather not by thankful for anything at this time! I know one thing I am very thankful for, YOUR FAMILY! I am thankful that you had kids and I have gotton to know each of their unique personalities and I am even more thankful that I have a friend who I know I can drop in on anytime and laugh with about anything,especially things regarding tie-dye, Katie Holmes cousin, and our favorite Meijer greeter!
You know who! :)

Jenny said...

Happy First-Day-Of-November-Blogger-Allows-Posts!!!

Love the joy on the kids faces! When you look at the picture of the unloaded closets, the pictures of true joy and giggling makes it all worth it doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

A very inspiring post! I am thankful that you shared that with all of us today. :)

linda t said...

What a blessing to see the uniqueness of each of our kids and how the Lord uses them to grow us up.
I am so thankful that we can depend on Him for what it takes to raise our kids.
Thanks Jody for always getting me to think and pointing me to Him!

Anonymous said...

hi, got on to your blob, from my niece, lisa, you are one unique person, thanks for your blog, it gets me through my day. lucy

groovy said...

my best friend keeps a journal every year, all year long, of the way God has been faithful to her and her family--then they spend one special day each year going through that journal, re-reading it and celebrating those ways God has remained faithful--i always love this idea, but a year in the life of me and my four kids seems daunting sometimes, so taking one month, especially November seems like a great place to start--thanks!