Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Scrap Dream...

No pictures or products today, because I've been doing lots of thinking and reflecting, which means I usually have learned something or want to bounce an idea off of myself. That is when I turn to this blog- for myself and for your comments and thoughts too. Just to see if I have a valid point or not.
In looking back over the past six months or so and all that has happened in regards to my life and scrapping, I think it unbelievable how much I have grown and changed and stretched myself. And while the 'fame' and free product have been fun, I think the best thing to some from all of this is much deeper than that.
I have come to believe that the motto 'Create your own Joy' is something that can actually be lived out and is a very true statement. I have realized that despite my hurt and my shortcomings and my self-doubt about my parenting skills, my creative abilities, my constant search for being authentic or striving to be better in all aspects of my life, that it is possible to reach a level of contentment and joy in life. It was that realization that made this past 6 weeks so incredible for me.
My husband and family have been so proud of me. Even when I saw my young son for the first time after 'not winning' the big scrap prize, he said, "You're our winner, Mom'. It was that, and more. The friendships I've grown (Rachael) and developed through this (all the SOYS and the Simple Girls and many others...ahem, kellicrowe, just to name a few), and the pages that I've scrapped and loved and learned from; it's really all been part of an incredible real-life dream.
I hope to keep doing more of this. I want this experience to push me even further, as a person, as a wife and mother, as a friend, and as an authentic person. I am living and learning that to be true to yourself, while becoming better at the same time, is an awesome thing. It not only fuels me and fills me, but it seems that it has allowed me to give a piece of myself away to others, and in so doing, I become more of a person.
Funny how that happens. In giving I have received, and it makes me want to become more so I can give away more of me. Maybe this will make sense to not just me, but to you too. I know that something so simple, as thinking of others, or doing for others first in life isn't always as easy as it sounds. But I now know that the reward is greater than the sacrifices involved. Who knew I would learn so much in such a short time, all because I pushed myself to enter a scrap contest. Now I can't wait to do and see more things like this- things that push me and grow me, and then have unbelievable rewards- all waiting just around the next corner of my life. Things like this are waiting just around the corners of your life too. I hope you're ready to go out and make them happen. And in so doing, you'll see dreams come true that you didn't even realize existed. Sweet dreams!


danielle said...

Wow-that really made so much sense to me. I have been wanting to enter contests but keep putting it off because I am lazy and scared to put myself out there. You are such an inspiration and I really love coming to your blog to get some insight!

Kari said...

Give and you shall receive. I love the feeling I get when I give someone something/anything. Something as simple as a rootbeer for my son, a homemade card for my husband just to say 'I Love You,' a postcard for my grandma to let her know I care. I try to do something simple for someone every week. It's a fun tradition that I have started for myself.

Congrats on being a winner, discovering your dreams and making it a reality!!!

Anonymous said...

Jody, I like that you keep looking beyond your circumstances whether of not it's the "hard stuff" of life or the "fun stuff" of life!!!
So many of us tend to dwell on our "pity pots" and the "woe is me" syndrome. I love your spirit and how you are always looking on the brighter side. I love your creativity as well and that you are pursuing that, even though you have a full life with your family and their needs.
Keep sharing your heart here with the rest of us. I think you're a winner as well! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your inspirations are pushing be to take the plunge too.

mary h.

shawnna said...

very well said
here's to Creating your own JOY!!

Nancy said...

Your giving so freely to all of your readers is such a blessing and so inspirational. This is the first blog that I go to each day and I never go away disappointed. You are a special lady! Thanks for making my day over and over again.

Anonymous said...

amen that, girl. amen that.

Andi said...

Jody - when can we see your layouts? Are they posted somewhere?