Saturday, October 21, 2006

More product praise.

I'm still getting caught up on emails and personal thank yous to the sponsors and people I met from my scrap adventure last week. Today I am bragging on Legacy Crafters and all the cool product they have for not only scrappers, but for office organization too. I loved their products, and their reps too! Here I am with Lizzie and Max- who both made me feel good about having done my Scooby-Doo impersonation at the CK SOY awards banquet.
One of the reasons I am loving the scrap industry lately is that I am finding out about more and more companies and product lines. I had a very jaded view of it I am realizing, just mere months ago. As I have gotten more and more into it, I have learned that there is product available to meet everybodies tastes and styles. How about the hip, olive-green tote bag here! It's not only good-looking, but it is lightweight, has extra storage pockets, and an easy velcro tab to keep it altogether.
I used it as one of my carry-ons for my flights home from Vegas, and got questions and comments about it at 3 different airports. People wanted to know where I got turned a few heads. =)
So, thanks, Legacy Crafters, for sponsoring the Scrapper of the Year contest. Thanks for the products and fun I had with you at dinner and at your booth. I think I will find that the more I scrap, the more I will need your stuff! And that's a good thing!

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Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog after reading someone elses. I have a difficult day ahead of me tomorrow, meetings with my sons teachers and I was feeling pretty down about it until I read your blog. You are such an inspiration to me. I have five sons and life is definately challenging but you such put it all in perspective for me. Thank you so much and God Bless you and your family.