Monday, October 30, 2006

Keepin' it simple.

Good Monday morning (or afternoon or evening if you're reading this later) and Halloween Eve. This post looks more like spring or summer if you ask me. I thought I'd show some of the scrap readers {Hello scrappers!} one of my 'practice pages' that I did a little while ago.
I picked out this fabric (the flowery rectangles are fabric) at the store this summer because I loved the colors and pattern. I knew I could make something with it...or just have it around because I like it (like Grandma Karen does) =). I decided it might be fun to pull out the sewing machine and try some scrapping with it. Turns out, this was a fun project for me- even though it's not my most stunning page ever. I'm okay with that, because it was about learning and having fun. And I was using colors, paper and a picture that I like- so, that's a good thing.
I had the chance to meet Elsie in Birmingham, AL last spring. I loved her in real life as much as I did getting to know her through her blog. She has a wonderful outlook on life; so young, so level-headed, and yet always on the lookout for fun and goodness. We need more young people with {positive} attitudes like that in this world.
I jotted down a few things that I wanted to remember Elsie saying about her 'scrap-philosophy'. While she does say 'less is more', she thinks 'more is more' too. Especially as it relates to embellishments on a layout. That's really her style in a nutshell. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy every little thing about it- good and bad, and most of all, Have fun along the way.
Hmmm. Where have I heard similar statements about life? Oh yeah. Sounds a little bit like Nitty.Gritty. too. No wonder why I love this girl! =) You can see more of her here. Ciao for now!


Laura said...

cute cute page! thanks for sharing!!!! i {heart} elsie too (almost as much as I {heart} nitty.gritty!!!)

A Beautiful Mess said...

awe! :) thanks girl!!!! wicked cool! :) els

Charin said...

What a cute page! Love it :)

Joyous said...

Elsie is totally a sweetheart!

chanel said...

cool page ... love the idea!

glo-girl said...


love elsie...can't believe she is HERE in Aus and i am not going to see her!

oh well.


Anonymous said...

Super cute page!

mary h.