Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

I am watching footage of the events of September 11, 2001 as they happened live, five years ago. If you remember my post back on July 21 of this summer, I mentioned how this day, along with my own personal tragedy, changed my perspective in life forever.
I was still reeling from my own grief and pain and loss. I had only two weeks earlier, had a memorial service for my four year old daughter, Teagan. I was still having nightmares every night, and Brock and I were both suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Life had already been ripped to pieces for me and my family.
And then the morning of 9-11 began to unfold. I thought the world could literally be coming to an end. I sort of believed it was even before all this happened. Imagine my horror, as my mind tried to grasp the unbelievabilty of what was taking place. My head hurt. My throat hurt. My heart hurt. The pictures on tv made me re-live what I had just been through myself- I had lived through a building crumbling down on and around me and my family. I had carried Teagan out of the rubble and laid her down on some gravel and watched her turn blue and lifeless. I couldn't believe I was seeing a grand scale of my own incident happening to so many people.
It definitely struck a chord with me, and I cried for those who would be living the nightmare that I was already experiencing- that of death and grief and having the security and routine of your life torn from your hands. My sister-in-law saw the plane fly overhead and into the Pentagon. This was very real for me and my family.
Now, five years later, I still feel sad inside for everything that changed in my life and the larger life of our nation. It hurts to know that we will never feel the innocence and freedom we once took for granted. We can never forget that life is precious, that we don't know what tomorrow holds, and that we must embrace the moments we have every single day.
I hope today, as you remember the events of 9/11, that you will cherish your loved ones, that you will thank God for the blessings in your life, and that you will never take for granted the life you have today.


Janna said...

Jody, thank you for this post. This day is so tough. It's heartbreaking to see the footage on TV again because it brings us right back to where we were that day. I think every person remembers where they were when the events of that day unfolded. I know I will never forget the horror and fear that I felt that day. I sat in front of the TV and wept as we saw people die on live TV. We watched people jumping to their deaths from burning skyscrapers. We watched people fleeing in pure terror as the buildings fell around them. We watched footage of planes crashing elsewhere and all wondered when it would stop. I will never ever forget that day. It is permanently etched into my mind forever.

God bless you and your family. You've lived through more pain than any of us will ever have to... but you live each day with God-given grace and that is so inspirational. Don't ever stop telling your story. It brings glory to God and that is the reason we are here.

amy j said...

I was newly pregnant on this day five years ago, just three months. I woke up during a visit to my mother to see the second plane hit. That was the first moment I experienced fear for my child, something I will never forget. I can't believe how much it still hurts to relive this day. I can't imagine your tragedy on top of're a very strong person.

I put up a tribut on my blog that really touches me

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Needless. Senseless. Sad.

"What binds us together is greater than what separates us."

erin said...

thank you jody, for your thread. for sharing your thoughts. your story. yesterday was tough, for so many, for their own reasons. for me, being pregnant with my dd at the time was terrifying. being pregnant now again, sends that fear right back deep inside. i thank God every day for bringing *you* into my life. while i've never met you, i feel your pain and your thoughts. God bless you and your family.

Carrie said...

I was packing to move to Seattle that day, and my heart hurts every bit as much now as it did then. My uncle was supposed to be at the towers that day, and saw God's hand in why he wasn't. I was sad all day yesterday because at least in liberal Seattle, where the tributes were plenty last year, were muted and nearly snuffed out this year. It's not that we will not forget, but as I said on my short blog, we CANNOT forget.

Carrie said...

Hey sweet girl. I hadn't made the connection that your tragedy and the 911 tragedy were the same year. That adds even an additional level of grieving. Wow. Thanks for sharing.