Sunday, September 03, 2006

Inspiration is everywhere!

I'll keep this one just a bit more light-hearted, as I've blogged in great length in recent posts. I've had lots of emails from you as well, so thanks, for sending me notes, and I hope I've personally encouraged some of you too!
How about a look at what I've been reading lately? Thought you might like to see what I have on the shelf next to my bed these days. 'Total inspiration books'. I got that from Heidi Swapp when I sat in her "SHE" class in Birmingham. She talked about things that inspired her- she's got a great eye for design and just funky stuff. Then she makes her own ideas based on real-life. I was so into that and it made sense to me.
Chip and I went out on a date a couple of weeks ago (I know...a real date.) We grabbed some food at a place called Grand Traverse Pie Company- you know the type. You order your food at the counter and then they bring it to you- a step up from fast food. Then we went to Barnes & Noble...grabbed some lattes (Mine? Grande, skinny, sleepy, coconut, extra hot, no whip...thanks for asking!) and then we went our separate ways. I dug into some good magazines and then we caught up over by the culinary and travel section. (Chip heads to Ireland next month.) I picked up these two books and joked that I was ready to check out. Chip looked at me, and said he was ready to go. He was holding nothing- but had asked for a book set about the Civil War. Here's where my mom should stop reading. She's never paid full price for anything in her life- so this will probably crush her. We started walking toward the counter to check out...all the while I'm feeling guilty about the books I'm holding. I totally love 'em- just to look at! Maybe there would be a good idea or recipe inside, but mostly, I just loved looking at them. I was talking myself out of them- telling myself I had no reason to buy them. It was impulsive and a major splurge for me. Besides, I had told Chip not to get his war books- I said, "Wait for Christmas."
Then I got the idea. "Hey honey, why don't you get me these and put them away for my birthday. I'll forget about them by then." (My birthday is Dec. 20.) Almost Christmas. =)
At precisely that moment, Chip spied the Civil War book series- half price in hardcover- compared to the paperbacks. He picked them up and wondered what was wrong with them. I said, "Get them. All 3 of them. They're half the price you were willing to spend- so now it's like getting a discount on my two books!" We both left the store happy that night.
For the big finale of our date, I had to go in the grocery store alone and get some much needed grub for my kids. Chip listened to sports (AM) radio while I was inside.
I think it's funny that I have no problem with a 'date' like the one I just described. However, if in the early days of dating Chip, if he had asked me out, and then taken me somewhere out to eat where he scraped the tray into the trash, then bought me a latte and disappeared for 45 minutes, and then dropped me off in the front of the grocery store with a list of items to buy to restock his refridgerator, I would have never taken him up on a second date. Well, I may have, if he had let me buy some books with his money. But, probably I would have ditched him by a third date like this one. =)
Just goes to show you how perspective really does change everything. That, and I already know he loves me and he knows I love him- so we can get a latte, head in opposite directions, and we are both still 100% sure of our love for each other.

As for my inspiration books? Well, I'm already getting my money's worth. That cupcake book inspired my latest 2-page scrap layout. And it's also Bella's new favorite book to "read'. She turns the pages so carefully and tells cupcake stories, and tells me which ones she loves best and which ones all the other kids in the family love best too. It's sweet. The whole deal. Even though my books were full price. And now, Mom, you can start reading my blog again. =)


Steph said...

Those look like my kind of books, Jody! Except, I have inherited Mom's "refusal to pay full price" genes, because I went to Barnes and Noble, and couldn't even buy books with a gift card I had, unless they were in the bargain section! I usually check the library before I even buy a book. So, I'm proud of you- it's a simple indulgence, but an investment in yourself:) Enjoy them (maybe I could borrow them sometime- my other tactic, ha-ha)
I thought your "date" sounded pretty good, too. My "dates" to the bookstore are always solo-but I don't mind. It's one of my favorite places for me-time, and I could spend hours there!

lucinda said...

I love those kind of dates too!
I will tell you I checked out the Lilly book at our local library. It's a great way to quiet the urge to buy w/o spending any money. It's a nice book but I wouldn't have bought it.
I'm not sure how B&N or Borders makes any $ on families like mine. I either look at it there on one of our "dates" or I buy it used on amazon or then there's the good old library!
take care,
L in Dallas

holly said...

I love a good book!!

We have the same kinds of dates! I actually love going to the market with my DH. It's usually with the kids, so it's a treat to go with him!!

Trace said...

Uh Huh! Ain't love grand. You bet.

Our 13th anniversary on Friday consisted of 6 hours at the mall finally getting me a cell phone. Okay, there was other stuff too but that was the bulk of it. But ya know....6 hours to focus all on my needs and no kids in tow was still a fab way to spend time with my hubby who also loves, loves, loves me.

I sooooooo get it girl!

Amy S said...

Hey my new friend! I've been reading your blog for the past month or two and love it. :) You are an amazing woman and I enjoy your writings!

My hubby and I have dates exactly like yours (I order Carmel Apple Cider - no coffee or tea for me!), but in addition to B&N, we also end up browsing at Target for at least an hour...sans kids - it's like paradise! :)

Laura said...

Oooh, I checked that Lilly book out from the library too! The colors are SO delish!! LOVE IT!!!

Cris said...

Nothing like compromise huh? LOL. Glad to see you guys were able to get out on an actual date together. :)

Becky R.T. said...

I love your "then and now" date description....and please share more about the Lilly Pulitzer book. I love her stuff.

Anonymous said...

I just have to laugh at this... it reminds me so much of my hubby and me and how our dates sometimes go. I am a huge bargin person.. half price for hard cover is a great deal at Barnes & Noble .. a great place to look for books online is or (the used section) .. I just bought $300.00 worth of text books for my husbands college class on for $40.00 including shipping (and we will make all our money back at the end of the semester when we sell them back to the school bookstore)... have a great week :)