Thursday, September 21, 2006

"The Good Stuff"

Pop-tarts are one of those things that sort of make me feel like a 'bad mom' in the back of my mind. That belief was reinforced when a couple of days ago when Bella announced that she was done and needed me to help wash her hands. I thought she looked a bit stickier than ususal, and I guess there was good reason for that.
She had eaten her S'mores pop-tart starting with the frosted chocolate topping, and then she ate the gooey chocolate/marshmallow stripes out of the center, one fingerful at a time.
Between the not-so-vitamin-enriched breakfasts, the tv and gameboy habits and the yelling I do to get some of them strapped into their carseats some days, I will be most surprised to see my kids grow up and become positive, contributing members to society.
Why is it that you can do 50 good things for your kids, and the one 'bad' thing you do is the thing that sticks out and keeps playing over and over in your mind?

Or am I the only bad parent out here in the real world? Seriously though, I'm not worried about my kids and their futures because of what I do in their lives, but I do wonder about how to make the 'good stuff' rub off on them more than the rest of the stuff. Now I'm off to do some organizing. I'll talk about it and show you more about it tomorrow. Oh yeah. Good stuff!


Joyous said...

oh my goodness, that is too funny that the ate only the frosting and filling!

tammy said...

Hiya Jody~
I wondered when I first saw the picture what the heck happened to that pop tart! How funny is that! I bet she's the type that doesn't eat the pie crust either huh!? =)Too cute. I think with kids it's the "everything in moderation" thing. Whether it be pop tarts, gameboys and yelling or salads, hugs and prayers. I think it's good for kids to have a "well rounded" life as long as they come from a loving home and parents, like your kids do! =)
God bless~
Tammy in Michigan

Kari said...

That is hilarious. What a great moment!!!

You are not a bad any means. I feel like a bad mom each day as well. Like the fact I feed my son hotdogs 3 of 7 nights. Like the fact that it is sometimes 3 days before I remember to give him a bath. Like the time I plop him in front of the T.V. for hours on end. No, us moms are all banded together...don't you worry your pretty little head.


NickyBeth said...

Hey Jody!

Just think of it this way -- anything we ate for breakfast as kids didn't kill us -- now did it?

Know what my 21 month old had today? Now, please keep in mind she is just getting over a NASTY case of strep throat... cheese stick and 10 oz. chocolate milk.

Mid-morning -- had to go to Dr. with hubby. Now he has strep. Girls in office gave her a Dum-Dum pop. She got halfway through that, and when she dropped it -- she cried and got a new one.

Lunchtime -- Lemonade and Grilled Cheese with french fries & ketchup. Had to coax her into high chair in restaurant with yet another Dum-Dum pop.

After-Nap. Another 10 oz. of chocolate milk. Yeesh -- where does she put it all?

Dinner -- Noodles from the homemade chicken noodle soup I made for my "streppies". Followed by our good old friend, choc. milk. Did I mention she likes it? It was the only way she would drink her milk last week and now she is hooked. Granted, I do make it myself, so she doesn't get a whole lot of the syrup.

Dessert -- a piece of Whitman's Sampler Chocolate and a couple of pieces of Candy Corn.

We haven't even made it to snack time yet! Gosh.

But don't sweat the small stuff. I thrived on Pop Tarts for a few years myself. And Frosted Flakes...and Honey Smacks...

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those pop tart mom's too! It's a special treat at our house. And yes, I do feel guilty about letting them have them for breakfast! Don't you think we have to teach our kids about little sweet treats in life. Even if it means we're loading them with empty calories!!

MMMMMmmm...smores flavor have to be the best thing pop tarts ever tried. They are my favorite!! Shhh..don't tell the kids.

aimee said...

My kids are in the poptart phase right now and everytime I buy them I think what a bad mom I am for letting them eat this! :) But, hey at least they are eating breakfast right?

Tricia H said...

Gotta love some Pop-Tarts in the morning ... or an afternoon snack ... or for dessert!!! See, you aren't the only mama serving up some gourmet Pop-Tarts!!!

I know what you mean though ... the quick / lazy breakfasts b/c I'm too busy blogging this morning don't make me the best mom in the world, but they will survive and survival is part of life :).

Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

OK - Jody -
Don't feel so bad. I usually get pop tarts JUST FOR MORNING EMERGENCY's.

Yeah - emergency's.

This whole week has been emergency's because I have had a cold that is kicking my butt and have slept in until 10 minutes before the bus comes.

Next week we'll go back to pancakes and eggs.

Tee Hee. SHHHHH - don't tell anyone.

Stephanie in Iowa

Connie said...

Just had to let you know that my three kids -- now 38, 36 and 29 -- had Pop-Tarts all the time growing up (back in those days Pop-Tarts were considered a healthy snack) and they all turned out great, are contributing members of society and now have their own healthy children (who sometimes have a Pop-Tart!) Don't be too hard on yourself -- your kids are going to turn out terrific!

lucinda said...

My mom was one of those who fought the good fight.
She never bought pop tarts and I was allowed 1 hour of tv a day. When I was in elementry school I would spend the night w/a neighborhood girl who I didn't really care for she kinda gave me the creeps but her Mother bought pop tarts for her. That was the only reason I would spend the night w/her. It's now a big joke in our family. When I was in my twenty's I blurted out the reason I was friends w/girl my Mom was shocked!
(and yes, I buy pop tarts for my girls!) And on the 1 hour of TV when I got off to college I watched TV every chance I could!
I'm weened off of it. I don't have cable because I'm afraid I'd become addicted to again! So don't feel so bad!!

Jolene said...

I don't have the time to make my kids a descent breakfast every morning because we usually leave the house at 6:45 to drop them off at the sitter's house, so if they are going to get a breakfast it has to be something a pop tart.
I just can't believe all of the variety they have now. When I was young it was just the fruit flavors.

Anonymous said...

I know a gal who has a bunch of kids. She homeschools (which I would advocate in most instances if one wants to do that)to protect her kids from "the world" and the "nasties". She doesn't allow them to watch movies and t.v. unless srutinized with diligence (not a bad thing) so-as not to cloud their minds. The kids are also on a "natural" diet way over the top. All of this isn't bad in and ov itself. My point though is...if you protect your kids from all that you think is bad they might rebel later. I can see those kids binging on sugar and carbs and not really being prepared to live in the world that their parents are protecting them againest. I believe in balance in all things. Pop tarts aren't going to make your kids into horrible persons! I applaude you in your making their lives a celebration!!!

Laura in Ohio said...

Jody ~ Have I told you today that you're just the best? :) This has been mini marshmallow week at our house. My sweet Caroline asked for them at the grocery store two weeks ago, and although I refused at the time, she just wouldn't forget. So, when we went this week and asked, "How much do these beautiful, colorful mashmallows cost, Mommy?" I said, "Just a dollar." And I realized that a dollar -- and a bit of indulgent sugar -- was a small price to pay for a little treat that would totally make her day. So here's to enjoying a PopTart, or 10 little mini marshmallows, and celebrating the sweetness of life! And thanks to Connie for reminding us that our kids will turn out just fine -- and maybe even a bit better -- for our efforts.

Laura in Ohio

Juli said...

Trust me a few pop tarts will not hurt them. The thing they really need from you is more easy bake oven moments. It is all of that time spent lovin them that really makes them grow into wonderful human beings. From what you write on your blog, you are a great mom!