Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baby Jaymun could use your prayers...

One of the benefits of blogging is the connections and friendships that develop often times between me and people I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. I get emails every single day from new fans or people who are introducing themselves after having been checking back here for days.
I'm not totally sure why it is that people feel drawn to share their stories with me, but I hope it is in part because I have been so open about sharing my own life here on Nitty.Gritty. I try to represent all aspects of my life- especially my struggles, my faith, my hope and my joy...which can range from fresh, folded laundry to a batch of homemade buttercream. And lots of things in between.
The past couple of weeks I have had the privilege and honor of 'meeting' and praying for the Kaat family. This family welcomed a new baby, Jaymun, into their lives this past July, and I'm sure they were stunned when they learned he had a form of leukemia and would have to begin chemotherapy treatments right away.
Now, as a mom of five, myself, I understand the challenges and thrills and hormones and anxiousness and exhaustion that a new baby brings to your life. Imagine all of that, and then having to reallign your reality with fighting a life-threatening disease as well. It must be overwhelming and heartbreaking at times. This is why I have found myself praying for Jaymun, his mom, Jennifer, and dad and 4 siblings at home. Their life is anything but routine and easy at this time. I know that Jaymun needs all the prayers he can get at this point in his infant life and treatment. His mom told me I could ask for your prayers, and I could give you the link to the website they have started on Jaymun's behalf.
I know many of you have big hearts and strong faiths. I know too many of us take our routine 'stressful' lives for granted from time to time. Here's a chance for you to not only appreciate your own life's circumstances, and be grateful for the routine of your days, but also a chance to bear the burden of another family as well. That's a task I never take lightly. I have walked in their shoes {as in spent time in hospitals, praying for the lives of my kids to be spared}, and I know that the prayers of others can be felt- they are real. And hopefully, they will be answered and we will all be rewarded with the miracle of healing in Jaymun's life.
Thanks, Kaats, for sharing your special baby with me and my blog readers. I hope you feel an outpouring of support and care. And if there is anything more I can do for you, please don't hesitate to call on me. Take care...and enjoy your short weekend break from the hospital.
Now, go here to read more about Jaymun-


Jenny said...

Praying for baby Jaymun and the whole Kaats family!
The Lord can do miracles!

Valerie said...

we have a four yr old nephew who was diagnosed with leukemia last i understand the pain, but to have it be in a newborn, well yikes & ouch. God works in mysterious ways that we will never understand in this life...but the lessons become clear in Heaven. Prayers for the Kaats family!

Anonymous said...

Prayers to this family..for sure the one great thing we all can do to help!
We're all linked together in some way so this is a great way to benefit the Kaat family!