Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer countdown-

First of all, I was surprised that none of you really loyal readers left a comment in regards to bumper stickers yesterday about me. I thought for sure someone would say they want a 'Nitty.Gritty. for President' or an 'I read Nitty.Gritty.' bumper sticker on the back of their SUV. Or SAAB or classic black 1984 Porsche. Doesn't anyone want the value of their vehicle to go UP? =)
The final countdown of summer is happening at my house right now. We've done some school supply shopping already, and have had several fights over the new backpacks and who gets what.
I thought it would be fun for us to do the 'Twelve Days til School Starts' as an activity for the if they need more drama and excitement to wrap up their summer. I told Brock we could make a list of 12 things to do before summer is over and school starts. We are already behind by a day or two...but I'm sure we can make up for it and do 2 or 3 fun things in one day. Today, I tried to just hang out and let the kids do their thing. That included a few games of hopscotch {pictured here}, sprinkler fun, Ava found a puddle at the neighbor's and got very dirty and loved every second of it, popsicles, and pizza.
The main event for the day then was baking cupcakes, frosting them and do-it-yourself sprinkles. Uh-huh, those were a hit, and I've got lots of them under the dining room table to prove it. To those of you who were back in the swing of things already- hope all went well. And to those of us who have another full week of summer left- hang in there!
Tomorrow morning is the day Chip and I speak in church. Some of you have asked about getting a copy of our service or a link online. I'll see what I can do for you. {After I see how it goes and whether or not I'd like for you to hear it! =)} That's called editing- I'm getting good at that.


Brenda said...

Good luck tomorrow at Church. I know that you and Chip will do great! Have a wonderful last week of summer with the kids next week. I plan on enjoying my kids fully before they head back!

CrazyMomOfThree said...

I'm a huge fan of your blog, as I met it/you at just the right time in my life! Even without knowing it, you're helping me walk my way through a time I can only refer to as a time of faith questioning.

Stupid question, though. What type of camera do you have? I am in the market for a nice digital camera, recognizing that I am way too tied to my 35 mm and need to enter the 21st century! The photos you post are fabulous, you've got a great eye!

annette said...

Her I sit very early on this Sunday morning reading Nitty. Gritty...and loving it.

I will be praying for you and Chip's talk are a blessing to me

Laura said...

thinking about you this morning!

Anonymous said...

sending love & peace....

Anonymous said...

The countdown with summer going into Fall always makes me a bit sad. Don't know if that's a 'throw-back' to when I was a kid anticipating school (hated school) or not. It's been way too many years past that but...... Anyway it's a bit sad for me. I think I just love the long sunny, warm days and Fall brings shorter, cool ones.
I tried to think of a bumper slogan but my creativity just didn't kick in. Guess those genes were in short supply.
Yes, yes, yes....give us the link to your church's website (if they have the streaming factor) so we can listen to the sermon/talk that way. It would be very cool! I'm sending up a short prayer for you as I type and I'm sure you both will do fine!

aimee said...

Good luck today! And have a great week before school starts!

shawnna said...

hope things went GREAT at Church today --

you make a nitty gritty for PRESIDENT bumper sticker and i will for sure by it ;)

annette said...

I also vote to have a Nitty. gritty. bumper sticker..haha

Looking forward to hearing from you

Christal said...

I too would love a copy of the service, as I think it could be VERY benifical to me as well. If it works out and you can let me know! Thanks Christal Miles:) BTW I went back to church today!!! Awesome service too!!