Thursday, August 17, 2006

A new phase in our life-

We are in transition mode at my house this week. For the first time in almost ten long years, we do not have a crib in our home. Everyone is sleeping in a big-kid bed...or at least that's the long-term goal. =)
I'm a realist. That's why we started now, rather than in a couple of weeks at the start of school too. That would just be asking for trouble. So, there have been a few issues, a few new rules, and slowly, I am confident that this new phase will all be a distant memory in our minds.
Next goal- getting everybody out of diapers. I imagine myself being asked about my biggest accomplishment in life {this could be several years down the road}, and I will still answer, "getting all my kids out of diapers". I've got 3 down, two to go. I often joke with Chip, whenever he complains about aches and pains and aging- that he's not allowed to start wearing diapers until all the kids have a least been out of them for a year or two. Oh yeah, he LOVES when I say that. Hey? I told you I'm a realist!


shawnna said...

I remember the diapers -- I remember being so excited that we now had an extra 80 bucks for OTHER things -- Noah and Makenna are 14 months apart so it seemed like they were both in them FOREVER -- i am sure U know what i mean;)

sarah said...

I just found you from a link on Carrie Colbert's blog. This is one blog I will definitely be frequenting. May God continue to bless you and carry you through what life throws at you. God is good.

aimee said...

Oh I loved when both boys were out of diapers! Of course, sometimes potty training can be worse, but the money saved is worth it!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

Anonymous said...

My sister had 7 kids...and I think she once shared that because of the spacing of them she'd had someone in diapers for something like 23 years (???) Don't know if that's possible or not. But maybe it's something to encourage you! LOL
I liked the part about your husband not being allowed in them....for a very long time.

Meredith said...

Just checking up on your life from the last few months...congrats on the CK nomination (so exciting!!). And it was touching to read about Wyndham's progress.