Sunday, August 13, 2006

The honeymoon phase was over long ago.

I should get used to my life, the way it is most of the time on a daily basis. Yesterday, our 11th wedding annivesary wasn't much different. Hear me out, though. I'm not complaining. I'm just telling it like it was.
It started with Ava chipping off a piece of Bella's tooth- by throwing a small plastic nail polish brush at her. It hit Bella just right (or wrong), I guess...and so we had a dramatic start to the day. Lots of tears and trying to figure out what exactly had happened. Bella spent the day drinking water, off and on, to try to make it "grow" back. We will have a trip to the dentist this week.
Then there was a couple of episodes involving Wyndham....and her issues that I didn't go into detail about in her post the other day. Let me just say that she has problems drinking and swallowing sometimes. Leads to lots of clean-up, loss of appetites for the rest of us, and usually a bath. Fairly normal, for my life, anyway.
Finally, there was the tucking into bed and retucking into bed until everyone was fast asleep. It reminds me that I am needed and instrumental in a few things in life. Like making sure everyone has sweet dreams.
Someday Chip and I will have uniterrupted, long stretches of time together. I'm sure we'll end up talking about lots of things from our past. Like the time Bella got her tooth broken off on our annivesary.
I recall an annivesary from years past, in which both Chip and I were in wheelchairs. We could only hold hands and hold back tears...our bodies, minds and hearts hurt so badly. We had my Mom help wheel us down 3 floors to visit Wyndham, who had just gotten moved out of Peds ICU. It was a memorable anniversary indeed. I remember thinking things could only get better from here on out. And do you know what? It has.
Even though there wasn't much romance happening with all the routine {chaos} going on around our home, I realized that there's a lot of love and good things around us. It made for a simple reminder to me. Just being together with the one you love is a VERY GOOD day indeed.


annette said...

Jody, you are so young and yet, have lived through such pain and all of this has allowed you to see the value in each day....romance to moms can sometimes be as simple as having him smile sweetly in the middle of the is such a strong bond ..I am thankful for you and your family that Chip and you know the REAL meaning of love.

Yes, someday it will be quiet in your house...not many dirty dishes to clean and one bed to make each morning...I cannot say having my children grown is easy but the quiet in the house is quite nice...and besides they come home enough to help us remember that the quiet is good..

Amy Schubert said...

you're always so sweet ...

Karen, Jody's mother in law said...

I definitely think it is time for Jody and Chip to go away for awhile. I am glad you two are going to have the opportunity, soon. Poor Bella. Life happens. Thankfully, it is a baby tooth. She and her cousin Jonathan will have matching smiles.
Love to all.

Jenny said...

Smiles on your memorable day!

sorry about the tooth!

I have ds then fell off the bed when he was about 18 months and the binky broke it. Same child had help from older son in swallowing a polly pocket...when they were 3/4 of an inch tall and bent in the middle. Polly is still in there as far as we know!