Saturday, August 19, 2006

Commercial jingles-

I mentioned awhile back that I rarely watch television, even though there are three of them in my house, and they are on almost all the time. So, when I get a commercial 'jingle' in my head, it usually is one that is no longer running on tv.
Take, for instance, a Sprite commercial...if you remember this one sing along.
The words are, Verse 1:
You know you make me want to laugh.
I like the funny things you do.
You're such a kick to have around...I like the Sprite in you.
v2: The way you make me want to smile. I like the way you sparkle too.
You've got a style that's all your own...I like the Sprite in you!
(Don't quote me on those exact I said, it's been awhile.)
I have no idea why I still remember this little tune. I do remember singing along with the tv on this one. It was cute and catchy- there was something about it that clicked with me, I guess. In advertising, that doesn't happen often. (I do buy Diet Sprite every once in awhile- but most often I choose Diet Squirt or Fresca as my clear softdrink choice.)
I'm writing all this to say that I think some of you think of me like that Sprite's cute and it's got some nice things to say. But maybe you're still not buyin' it. The 'it' here is me.
You come back for a quick read each day or at the end of a hectic week, and I'm still here. Got my pictures and my funny mishaps or thoughtful insights and sort of look like I have life all figured out. I've even come through some horrible things, and I'm not too shabby because of them- in looks or attitude. I know some of you are wondering "what gives"? Like there's gotta be a catch somewhere.
In fact, not too long ago, one of you {anonymous} asked if I had ever taken anti-depressants or other medications to help me after my trauma and to deal with grief. The answer is 'no'. And my husband, Chip, and I have not been to grief counseling or support groups as such. We did have overwhelming community support, a wonderful church full of friends who would do anything for us- anytime- we just had to say the word. Or even not intentionally say the word. Here's one example. I was talking with some friends while we sat at Chip's bedside after it had been a couple of long weeks already. I happened to bring up the subject of hospital food. (I apologize if you work in hospital food service- I'm not directing this at you, if this strikes a chord with you.) I had grown tired of the food that was served- even though there were lots of choices. And actually, when I think about it now, it's not just about the food, but about being 'tired' of the whole hospital environment and experience. It was completely draining and exhausting most days. And yet, I hardly slept a wink in three weeks. SO, back to my story.
I said something about the food and how I couldn't wait to get home and get something homecooked and tasty. Then I added, "I could go for some good icecream too." That was it. Imagine my tears (that flowed for ANY reason back at that time in my life), when we came home to a brand new upright freezer, stocked full of food items, so that Chip and I didn't have to plan meals and cook for ourselves. A group of our friends had pooled their money and bought us a freezer. They made and bought items to fill it, including several pints of Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry's icecream. It was this kind of thoughtfulness and care and support that Chip and I appreciated and have leaned on more than we probably should have some times. And, we have the most amazing families that have come to our side more times than they probably wished sometimes too!
I was planning on sharing something other than all of this, but this has been good too. I've got little ones waking up telling me they love me and that their tummies want breakfast. I will finish my thoughts later today, or tomorrow, when I have more time to type.
And if you have the Sprite ad song in your head all day, my apologies. Really. =)


Laura said...

what a joy to have friends who find creative ways to be helpful and bless others. i LOVE it!!!! oh - and i love ALL the colors on your self portrait from the previous post. they look great together. i wanna nitty.gritty colorful jody bookmark!! :)

~Kim said...

Jody...I am in love with your blog! Girlfriend, you totally make me laugh and cry all in one post! You are such a thinker and you inspire others to think. I mean who could take the words from a Sprite commercial and put them to life??? Well that would be you!

Thanks so much for becoming a daily inspiration to me!

You rock!

Brenda said...

Everyday that I read your blog Jody, it makes me think. You and your family continue to inspire me to lead a better life.
I loved that your friends are so loving and kind-what a wonderful and helpful surprise to come home to. Have a wonderful weekend!