Monday, July 24, 2006

What I was thinking today...

You didn't think I would just post a bunch of pictures and not write anything, did you? (That question is for those of you who stop by here more than once a day.) =)

Yesterday we hit the beach. It'll probably be the one whole day that Chip takes off of work for the entire summer. But for the afternoon anyway, we enjoyed no work and all play. If you can consider keeping an eye on 4 youngesters at the beach "no work".

It was a good time as it kept my mind off the fact that we're coming up on July 29th. I definitely notice mood swings and crabby attitude on my part as the annivesary draws nearer. Fortunately I have learned over the past few years to expect this, so I can manage myself a little better. Like taking the whole family (thanks to an invite from Chip's boss and family) to the beach. Lest you think I sit around and mope all the time, I have these pictures to prove otherwise.

I did get a bit of a sunburn (so did Chip- and no, he didn't have his hat on like that all day long or he would have had a funny sunburn to show off), and then had tired kids all day, so I struggled with attitude today. Then, as if they somehow knew...I opened my email to 3 notes from friends who talked about how encouraging and inspiring my blog is to them, and that they are thinking of me this week. I guess that's what really good friends are for! {Special hellos out to Marlene, Tammy, and've got the best timing, and I'll try to drop you personal notes back.}

Next up, more photos I'm sure, as we have Bella's birthday to celebrate. She'll be four tomorrow. Teagan said when she turned four that she wanted to be four forever. Then she got her wish. Now, it's hard to believe that Isabella is turning four, because she seems so young to me. I feel like I'm just getting to know her and her personality the way I should. It makes me realize how young Teagan really was when she died. Because she was my oldest, she seemed so grown up and mature to me. Only now do I know I was so wrong...and sometimes that makes me miss her more.

In the meantime, before I hook up with her in Heaven again someday, I plan on making the most of our family time down here- like celebrating birthdays, and occasionally going to the beach!


shawnna said...
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shawnna said...

sorry had a typo above


and yes i am back for another helping of Nitty Gritty today ;)

my prayers are with you this week -
Keep your head up Girl
HUGE ways that neither you nor i can grasp

annette said...

Hey girl I love the pics~~~~such cuties...

Hang in there and find some good in each day....God is right there with you...hugs

Christy said...

Jodi- remember that you are loved and that you are a child of God. You can do it. Just keep swimming!

Adrienne said...

Hang in there!!! Prayers going out to you and your family!!!!

Laura said...

oh jody, i wish i could give you a great big HUG right now! (although it would be a little weird if i did, being that we have never even MET) :)