Friday, July 14, 2006

I hear ya...

Thanks again for so many neat stories and emails. I read all my mail, and most of them I shared with my mom and sister who are visiting from MN for a few days too. Your messages have been touching and encouraging. And some of you need to give yourselves more credit with how you write and put your thoughts into words. I enjoyed very much getting your notes, and pardon me if I don't respond to you, but I have good intentions- so you still might get a Nitty.Gritty. reply.
Other than that, the plans for the next couple of days is for us to create some good, laid-back summer memories with Grandma Genie, my sister and her kids. I'm sure real whipped cream will be a part of those memories at some point, and probably lots of laughter and simply enjoying being together. Maybe a few pictures to come too. =)


Anonymous said...

Jody, your mom must feel such pride in the woman you have become. I know being the mom of an adult child isn't always so easy. I often say it is hard to stop the daily parenting 'stuff' just because our child is your mom must have found the secret to doing just that. so enjoy having your family around and give time for yourself to relax and soak in the joy of family.

much love from me

Cris said...

There's nothing better than getting to spend some time with family. I hope they enjoy their visit here in Michigan and I can't wait to see pictures.

patterns of ink said...

Sounds wonderful! We'll be heading to Kansas in a day or two to visit Julie's folks and her sisters for some similar summer memories.
Enjoy--BTW... I didn't know you were a communications major, but it certainly shows.
PS. I hear the CCS golf team that Chip is helping start is coming right along--be sure to send a thank you to him from me for his help with that and the September outing.

MommyOutOfControl said...

I have a whole one line photo album of some of my fav scrap layouts I have done (I just started in April!) but NONE compare to yours...WOW.


Laura said...

ooooh EVERY day is a special day if there is REAL WHIPPED CREAM!!! it's sad to even admit, but it was just recently that i discovered how stinking EASY it is to make whipped cream. the stuff in the can is good, and fun to squirt, but ooooh la la - the REAL REAL stuff is awesome!!! (and fun to stick your finger while making it!)