Friday, June 16, 2006

Wish me luck!

In case I go missing here in the next few days {or weeks}, don't worry. Just wish me luck. I am in the process of trying to scramble and get all my scrap pages done and packaged all funky- so that they get noticed enough that they might earn me a finalist spot in the contest I submit them to. Crazy- I know.
Even crazier is the fact that my latest layout is about my love of French Toast and I totally scrapped "outside the bun" on this page! Probably a little too far out... and when I get around to it I will post it here so you can judge for yourself how far off the deep end I've gone!
So, scrapping and recovering from hubby being sick and gonna try to organize and pack for 6 of us road-tripping and ferrying back home to Minnesota for 10 days. Talk about being in for a "wild ride"! (Chip gets to stay home and log an outrageous amount of hours at work- to make up for time lost and to get ready for the Club's Member/Guest weekend. Wish him luck too!)
Oh yeah. Got my hair cut and it feels so much better. I picked up some hair products, some new hanging-out-in-the-summer clothes (tanks, tees, cargos...) and scrap product too. Feeling good about new stuff. =)
I'm gonna try to design and whip out some wedding programs for a friend before heading out on my trip too. I'm telling you. I've got a full plate, and I'll miss you all if I'm not back here everday. I have good intentions, and almost always have a story or two to tell. I don't think I can stay away too long. By the way, yes, I did grab my camera on the way to the ER the other day. I'm constantly thinking "photo ops"!


Suzanne said...

I stumbled on you via a link and was struck with our (fairly) similar stories. I too have four here and one in heaven. 16 years for me... my son was stillborn. Just visited and the everlasting Columbine was blooming a brilliant blue. take care.

Lauren said...

Fingers crossed. I think I know what contest you are entering, and I think you've got a great shot. Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

You are such an upbeat person and you keep it real--I am a mom to 2 boys who play every sport known to mankind and a little girl with multiple disiblities. I can relate to all the joy and craziness in your life. Good Luck in your contest--from what I have read about you--You will do great!

Susie in Alabama

kimmie said...

glad your husband is feeling better! I also "stumbled upon" your blog a few weeks ago and read all the archives and it is great... I love it! I am so inspired when I read all about you and the family! ...and I think we share the same 12/20 birthday (happy half-birthday next week)

nice to "meet" you :)

Anonymous said...

not crazy... you are SO talented! good luck!

naked jen said...

Hey Jody,

Saw that you are coming home to the good ole Minnesota nice!! Maybe we'll get a chance to visit on the phone once, would love to connect up. Sure would be nice to somehow get together with the family!
Maybe we can work a deal!
Hopefully talk to you soon, your cousin in Willmar, JEN
PS ignore my blog name, I will explain later

M'sMom said...

Enjoy your well-deserved rest, Jody!

I'm in the process of planning a weekend getaway myself. The sun...the sand...the shore...ahhh.

I can hear the waves crashing outside my hotel room now!

shawnna said...

have fun getting all your layouts done -- best of luck (for the contest) --- and i look forward to seeing those layouts -- SOON !!! hee hee :0) no pressure

Amy Schubert said...

scrapper of the year? good luck!! I can't make the time to finish all those LOs in time to mail them, but maybe next year ... can't wait to see what you're doing!

Cris said...

Good Luck to both you and Chip. And I can't wait to see your ode to french toast scrap page...LOL.

Marc and Steph said...

Pardon the lack of seriousness in this comment...but YAY for haircuts! I just got one too and it feels GOOD....having short hair is annoying because you can REALLY tell when you need one. Enjoy your road trip!

M'sMom said...

Hey Jody, just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Jaqua line of soap. I am now hooked on the Caramel Cappuchino and Maple Syrup.

Something about smelling like breakfast is so comforting!