Thursday, June 08, 2006


I pulled this picture of Bella out of my stash of photos from last summer. I loved this one the moment I snapped it- I wish I looked that good in a two-piece. =)
Anyway, summer is here for our family and that means our schedule changes up a bit. I won't guarantee daily postings here. Some days just fly by faster than others; I'm the kind of mom who just does things spontaneously so I never really know how things will play out.
Yesterday I did a whole lot of stuff and didn't feel like I accomplished a thing. Although I had a great time doing it. Well, aside from administering Wyndham's shot at bedtime...I had a moment. I'm sure it's one my friend/nanny will never forget- she saw a side of me that most of you will never see. Lucky YOU! Maybe she will write about it on her own blog. Although, I may have to proofread it first.
There you go. Details of my life. And some of you have been checking back here more than once just to read this? Sorry. I usually don't like to write a lot of meaningless banter; what can I say? Even Nitty.Gritty. has her slow days. Remember, that's how I like 'em.
Tomorrow, or soon thereafter, you will be getting pics of me enjoying dinner at my favorite little place- Artisan Cooking School. Dinner there always makes me happy for at least 3 days. I love summer!


Anonymous said...

I just didn't like seeing a "0" next to them comments on this post!

Anonymous said...

you funny