Monday, June 12, 2006

Me + 7-course dinner = Happiness

I don't know why blogger uploads pictures in a different order than I try to post them, but I think you'll get the idea here anyway. These pictures were taken at dinner the other night in which I enjoyed everything from scallops in a sweet pea puree to lamb on a bed of barley pilaf to the best little brownie topped with homemade chocolate mint icecream. I'm editing here for the sake of making you not feel as though you missed out on something THAT wonderful. Although in truth, you did. =)
I love a meal or anything else in life (a good movie, book, roadtrip, latte...or anything in between), which makes you forget for a moment the stresses of life, the not-so-pretty things that we do from day to day, or the challenges you face on the horizon, if even for an hour or two. My meal, the company and environment which surrounded it, did just that the other night. I have never had a bad experience at the Artisan Cooking School; I don't believe that is even a possibility. This place has charm and character, and top notch food. After I eat a meal there, I am happy for at least a few days afterwards, simply beacause of the experince, the memories, and the happiness it brought out in me. Love that!
Maybe it's all the calories that stick with me that make me feel so good. No matter. It's well worth it!


Queue_t said...

this is so cool ! I went to your link for the school, wonderful fun time - I would love to join you at a dinner.

yum I love great food.

I just finished reading " my life in France" by Julia Child wonderful book, facinating woman and fun read. ( she adored her hubby) ...

you look happy in your picture too.

Crafty P said...

Love the pics of your food. I, too, love a good meal. Food is such a passion of mine- mostly the eating of it! Loved that painter's palette like dish- so cool.
Whenever dh and i get a chance to go out for dinner by ourselves, i'm always perplexed as to where to go b/c there are so many GREAT choices!! We always pick a good one.

Okay, I hated whenever I would upload pics and they weren't in the right order, so I learned how to switch 'em around. Take a look in the upper right hand corner of the the blank space of your post and see if you notice a tab that says "edit html". Go there and then you can cut and paste and move those pictures around to wherever your heart desires. You can move them next to the words, or after or in between... WHEREVER your nitty.gritty heart desires!

happy to help!

Shelly said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! Jeremy (my husband)and I went to NY a couple of months ago and ate at L'Ecole (The French Culinary institute) Talk about WONDERFUL!! I told him that we had to move to NY just so I could either a)eat there more often or b)go to school there so I can learn to cook that well!
There is something about a good meal at a place that makes you feel like royalty. :)
All those calories are worth every mouthwatering morsel!!!

Suzelle said...

YUMM-O !!!!!!!!!!

shawnna said...

Where are you --- Jody can you hear me --- Where are you

hee hee ;0)