Saturday, June 24, 2006


I'm wondering how come I get so worn out when I'm on vacation? Does this happen to you too? My kids should be so worn out by {before} bedtime each night, and instead, they fight settling down, they saty up late and then they wake too early.
So early, that a couple of them almost ruined a trip to the local Caribou Coffee shop the other morning. That's nearly impossible to do, but they're so tired that it happened. Hot raspberry reindeer drink down the shirt, wildberry smoothie all over the car seat- all while my Caramel High Rise goes cold and the whipped cream melts down. It was drinkable, but just not my morning cup of perfection. Oh well. I'm on vacation, right?!
So, we're worn out, and working on bedtime, but still we're with family so it's a good time. See us all lined up? We're on a walk back from a park- so looking a little {tired} once again, but together- and that means happy.
I got my scrap album mailed out and submitted for the contest. You may never hear another word about this little album beyond this post because nothing may ever come of it. Still, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my cover and an inside peek just to calm you scrap-happy bloggers down a bit.
Now, if I could just get my kids to like sleeping as much as I enjoy scrapping things would be golden on this vacation. =)


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!! Caribou Coffee is my daughter's favorite stop. She writes about it in her blog.
Glad you're having a good family time in "The Cities"!! The stress of the little ones is so, so temporary and one day you won't even remember the spilled drinks in the car! I say this as a mom of grown kiddos.
All the flavors you speak of sound yummy! I got my 1st visit at Caribou a couple of weeks ago while visiting "the cities"...but didn't spend enough time scoping out all that was available, I guess. Next time!!
Just wanted to say "hi"! Have a safe and blessed time!

NittyGrittysNanny said...

Just had to tell you at least one more time.... Congratulations on getting your "whole" package out in the mail today:) No matter what happens with all of this, you inspire me not only to be more creative in life but also to use both the funny and sad moments and make them filled with smiles. So glad that I have been able to be a part of your family this past week... and share in the laughs of your funny pictures, Yay for Minnesota memories and sending out the winning scrapbook!

shawnna said...

jody -- i can't see your pics -- ??? what's up with that ??? -- anyway i am for sure going to check back after church tomorrow -- maybe before if i get into bed RIGHT NOW -- ;0)