Saturday, June 03, 2006

A glimpse of what awaits me...

I just had to follow up with a few more of my thoughts on all that has transpired this week regarding the Cerak and VanRyn families. I have thought about these families and imagined some of what they are going through at this time of confusion and trying to sort out all the details.
Although my story is very different than the one being played out in front of them right now, I do share some of their emotions and have felt the pain of losing a daughter. What I can't help but think about is the joy and reality of getting their daughter, Whitney, "back" and how it is a picture of what I will experience in Heaven when I see Teagan again.
It's made me think about the moment when I will see Teagan again, face to face, and I will know no pain, sorrow or heartache. It will be glory....unfathomable, unspeakable joy and bliss! For all eternity!! That's the picture I have been reminded of this week through the turn of events for the Ceraks. As much joy and rejoicing they must feel, it is still tempered by the fact that their daughter has many physical and emotional scars and much healing needs to take place yet before they begin to return to their "normal lives".
So, for me to think about what they have had happen in their lives is something that awaits me in Heaven- only magnified a million times better- it boggles my mind. That's the amazing thing about my faith and my God. I could meditate on His greatness and Heaven and eternity for the rest of the days of my life, and still I will not have begun to understand all that is in store for me. It's profound. It's inspiring, and it makes my heart race in anticipation of my future.
My hope is that everyone whose life I touch on earth understands that this unimaginable future can await them too, if they choose to believe in Christ and accept what God has offered to them. Salvation. It's simple, it's free, and it's the most amazing gift you can accept from God. We all face trials, ups and downs, and even death, at some point in our lives. I do not fear death, but instead it turns my thoughts Heavenward- where I can't wait to spend all eternity!


Glo said...

Well the Lord does use some amazing situations to reach us all with HIs love for us. I followed a post about Whitney and Laura to find your site. He does have His children everywhere, even in cyberspace, and He can use it to help us find each other as well as to reach others for HIm. Amazing Grace!!!

Anonymous said...

Just tried to e-mail you, some kind of error, so I will post here what I would have said. I completely enjoy your blog. I have no idea how I came across it, but am thankful for finding it. I am not a religeous (spell ?) person, but have been contemplating my spirituality more and more. I think its no wonder I found this site, and can relate to much of which you speak. Know your words are not lost in internet land, but actually reach some of us stranger friends, and make us think. I hope your day is comfortingly routine! Thats the way I like mine, as well!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

just had to pause when i saw this on tv yesterday morning. i feel like God stopped me in my tracks to listen to what happened.
And Hey Jody.. from who posted above i can tell God is speaking through you. He is using you for His purpose. Beautiful! I def. don't have your way with words- what a gift He has given you.
I have many days thought to myself that you'd be a great public speaker too- sort of like Beth Moore- but in a different way. I'm praying that some day you come to TN for a women's conference or something.
Your story should be shared more and more.

Trace said...

Hey Jodi, Love your blog!

You're so cool and love sharing my faith with someone, even in blogland. The fact that you're a newbie obsessed scrapbooker, just makes you even cooler in my books.

Anyways, wondering if you've ever read 90 minutes in Heaven? Fabulous bio-book and great story of faith as well.

Peace to you daily,
Blest Chick (Trace).

Krista Meyer said...

I have been following the VanRyn's story since the news about the mixup was first reported on Wednesday. I've been telling lots of people about it because of the amazing evidence of God's healing peace.

I had noticed a couple of your posts on their blog, and your comments today intrigued me enough to follow your link so I could find out just who Teagan was.

I'm so glad I checked. Your family's story is equally uplifting and edifying. Your Christ-like response to an enormous tragedy has, no doubt, pointed many people to Christ.

While I'm so saddened about what happened to your precious family, I am so thankful that you had the faith to respond the way you have. And I'm thankful that the God we serve and love really does give beauty for ashes, and gladness for mourning.

I hope that I'm in Heaven on the day when you are reunited with your sweet little girl. That's something I would love to witness!

Krista Meyer

patterns of ink said...

Hi, Jody,
I know you won't mind that I linked your story and thoughts to my recent post on this turn of events.

Thank you for writing...don't stop.
Tom K.

Abigailsmom said...

I just read the article in the paper. I can never imagine losing my daughter, only to get her back 5 weeks later. How horrible for BOTH families involved

Kellie said...

That's really an amazing story. How heartbreaking though...for so many. :(


Kellie said...

What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it and your relation to it.