Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sipping me an 'Extra Hot Grande Coconut Latte' right now!

As if you just had to know what I was doing at this exact moment in time, huh? Well, I am, as I stated in the title, enjoying a Coconut Latte. I order mine extra hot so it not only stays hot longer- but it forces me to sip it more slowly and I find I savor it more. Might as well- at over $3.00 a pop, these lattes should be making my bed for me in the morning too. =)
One side note for all you scrap fans, I left my blog card and number with my nice barista today and she said that it's very likely I can have all the Carribbean/Coconut/Banana/Bahama-inspired paraphanelia that is hanging and displaying things all around the Starbuck's store right now. Yep. I asked her what they do with all their stuff when the gimmick is up and she said she thinks they just throw it out. So, I asked her if that's true, would they please call me and in 6 weeks or so, I would be happy to take all the leftover products off their hands.
Just thought I'd pass this on to you. Just think how cute that big poster Banana-Coconut poster would look hanging in your scrap room. And there's the adorable banner that has little stamped palm leaves and stuff strung up along the top of the coffee menu boards...I could hang that up or cut it up and use it on my pages! Go there. Look at all the stuff around the shop, and then leave them your name and number. I'm thinking I may have to start doing this in other retail shops as well. You know they are wasting a lot of good "scrap material". See? I told you I've got this scrapstuff coursing through my veins! That and Coconut Latte at the moment. Talk about a wonderful Nitty.Gritty. morning. I'm off to a good start!


{change in plans} said...

Another coconut lover! Coconut mocha is my favorite! YUMMY!
Way cool on the store decorations. You are too creative!

karen said...

I always want to try something new at Starbucks, but I am currently completely hooked on the Green Tea Latte. I have resisted trying the Blueberry (or is it blackberry?) and Green Tea Frappaccino because I'm sure it's one of those 450 calorie deals, but I might just have to treat myself one of these days!

P.S. I worked in a record store for years and we totally threw away all our promotional materials after we used 'em too.

Cris said...

You haven't been bitten by the scrapbooking bug. You've been attacked by the whole swarm!!! LOL. Gotta give you credit about the ideas with the promotional stuff. Very creative. It just doesn't get any better than free. :)

Suzelle said...

Coconut and scrap on Jody :))))))

kellicrowe said...

i haven't been by in a while
there is a lot of reading for me
just hi for now...and let me grab a beverage...this may take a while:)

Juel said...

So I was out shopping today looking at Baby Diapers for my soon to be Granddaughter. Dang they are exspensive!! Anyway.....I thought of you Jody when I found a new lotion by Huggies!!! Mango and I'm still not really a fan of coconut but oh my gosh!! It smells so good that you could almost eat it!!