Monday, May 08, 2006

Playing the game...

Another round of blog tag- which just means you are about to learn some unimportant random facts about Nitty.Gritty. me at this moment in time. Ready? Here goes...
List 5 things in your fridge:
1. Hazlenut International Creamer & Southern Butter Pecan too- (the big size!)
2. Mediterranean Spaghetti (because I brought a pan over to my neighbors who just had a baby- Gabe- on Saturday. Congrats, Chad & Angie!) I'll probably have to post that recipe soon too, huh? It's from Cooking Light Magazine- love that one!
3. Zucchini- for baking bread in the next day or two
4. 3 gallons of milk (we go through a LOT of milk at my house each week)
5. Diet Coke with Lime

List 5 things in your purse:
1. Sony Visa Card...we pay for everything with this (well, almost everything)'s how I got my last two cameras "free"- buy stuff, earn points, get free stuff! I love my camera, by the way
2. Nitty.Gritty. blog cards
3. Lime Tic-Tacs (Can you figure out that I like lime? Both the flavor and the color)
4. Bath & Body Foam Hand Sanitizer- Hubby thinks I'm a "germ-a-phobe"
5. Pouty Pink Lip gloss

List 5 things in your closet:
I have a good-sized walk-in closet (I actually vacuum it once a week), which houses more than clothes...
1. Ironing board & iron that hubby uses every morning
2. Lots of scrapbook supplies- which hopefully will start getting used for making actual scrapbook pages
3. Lots of Gap t-shirts- I really need to start wearing other brands of clothing- I think I'm secretly hanging on to the dream of going out with the "really cute guy that worked at the Gap when I was in highschool named Jay" [sorry Chip- now everybody knows!]
4. diapers/pull-ups/wipes
5. My wedding dress that needs a good cleaning and proper storage

List 5 things in your car:
1. 3 car seats- It's a major event getting everybody in and out of my vehicle!
2. A "Teagan" mix CD- songs she loved or remind me of her...including "With Hope" by Steven Curtis Chapman and a couple of Tony Bennett songs from his album "The Playground"
3. Miscellaneous Happy Meal toys
4. A handicap tag for my rear-view mirror to use when Wyndham is with us- it was a while before we got one- it's still hard for me to stick it up because I feel like I'm announcing to the world that I've got problems- and that's hard to admit when you think you're doing pretty good with what you've been dealt in life. And I'm sorry for all the times I've remarked that certain handicap users don't look like they have any "problems". Trust me. I'd much rather not have to use the parking space. Hopefully it's something we'll be able to turn back it before the expiration date of 2010!
5. More foaming hand sanitizer. Okay. Maybe Chip is right a little bit about my germaphobia, but hey, I've got lots of kids and sticky hands, so I do what I have to do for my own peace of mind.
Pretty exciting stuff, I'll admit. And if you really want to be "tagged" and you haven't been it yet, consider yourself tagged. And now I'm no longer the "IT" girl. That was fun!


vIkRaM said...

i got rejected for Sony Visa Card :(. btw, nice write..

Michelle Sanders said...

Thanks for playing along wasn't that fun?!

ashlee said...

i think when your a mom hand sanitizer is a must because kids are dirty little critters!!

Laura said...

Ooooh, my husband already thinks it a bit weird to read the blogs of people you don't know (I am NOT a stalker, thank you!) But what will he say if i tell him I know whats in Jody's purse!!????? :)