Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm "IT".

When I typed the title, I realized for this brief moment in my life I am the "IT Girl". No worry- I won't let that go to my head. In fact, I most often feel sorry for people who are being splashed all over the entertainment headlines and who get followed and mobbed by people and cameras and all the media hounds out there. I feel sorry for people who get so "big" that they don't know who their real friends are anymore, or who can't go out for a simple meal without being interrupted by fans. I feel sorry for people, like Nick and Jessica, who had to throw away their marriage because life was moving too fast and pulling them in different directions and their careers were too demanding and probably their heads were always spinning and suddenly they didn't think they could be or should be married to one another because it was all stress and no fun- and...
Don't they know that marriage and life can be stressful even without half that stuff in their lives? Couldn't they have stopped long enough and had a few quiet moments together to remind them that they really want to be together and they would rather throw away some of the other "things" in their lives- in order to focus on what really matters in this life?
Okay. So I'm not a marriage counselor and I admit I don't have the slightest idea what it was that made them end this relationship- but I am willing to bet that a big part of it was the lifestyle they were living and that makes me sad. That people will put things- jobs, money, their own wants and needs, lots of things- ahead of their spouse, and call it quits. It makes me sad that they and a lot of other people fall victim to the belief that someone else in the world is going to solve their problems, make them happy or simply do it better.
Here's a true statement that I think a lot of people {sometimes even me} forget. Sooner or later everybody in this world will let somebody down. Everybody has faults and problems, habits or disease, struggles and issues...nobody is perfect. It's okay to have expectations and dreams and wishes and desires- but to think that they will all be fulfilled perfectly is unrealistic. It's not gonna happen. Ever.
I came here to list some things in my fridge and closet and purse- instead I'm typing run-on sentences about celebrities and marriage and stuff. I have no idea how that happens- but it just did. Maybe one of you out there needed to hear my opinion on this matter. I don't claim to be the perfect wife (unless you're talking to all my hubby's friends- they LOVE me!) nor do I claim to have a perfect marriage. It's definitely important to me and therefore I WORK at it- but it doesn't just happen. Somedays I don't feel lovely or feel like loving. Somedays I wonder how Chip and I ever got hooked up in the first place- we can have totally different ideas when it comes to even the smallest things. But that's what marriage and relationships are all about. For me I think it is so cool to look back and see how I've grown and changed in the past 10 years. I am not the person I was when Chip and I met- and yet I am happy with who I am becoming. I know I will continue to grow and change and mature- and that my experiences and attitude and other influences affect that growth. I wouldn't trade Chip for the world- even on the challenging days. Or should I say especially on the challenging days- for I believe that is when most of my growth occurs.
I guess I went totally off the subject for today. That's okay because it means I will be back to play tag another day. And I'll get to be the "IT" girl a second time. A self-proclaimed "It" girl. Oh yeah. I'm sure that Chip is gonna LOVE calling me that!


Laura said...

ooooh, i can't wait to hear what's in your purse!!! what is all this tagging business about? it seems everyone is always being tagged. . .and i don't quite get it. perhaps if i had been tagged i would understand! i am always the last to know!

A Girl In Oregon said...

IT Girl-- We love you!

Wow! Thanks for talking about marriage and perfection (or the art of not being just that). It's good to hear that others struggle and have to work at it!

Yah! Thanks for your reminders and pick-me-ups!

Don't you just love Nitty.Gritty.?

Anonymous said...

As I read this I'm listening to a commentary of a woman speaking on "contentment". She is saying so many don't think they will be happy "unless" they are married, "unless" they have a baby, "unless" they have a house, "unless" they have a different job. The list could go on and on. She's talking about God's choices for "one's" life and perhaps despite the "Desire of 'your' heart...He may ask you to give up that desire as a sacrifice to Him." Thinking of the story of Abraham and Isaac and how the long-awaited son was nearly sacrificed. God desires us to have our full attention on Him despite our circumstance. Learning contentment (is a choice) that is done despite our circumstances~~whether it be in plenty or in want. God is "THE" one who can give us our completeness!! I know some people who want it all...they think because they have "this" desire that that is what God has put into them and they will get it, no matter what they have to do to get it. To me that's moving outside of God's will. As you speak of Nick and Jessica....perhaps they weren't looking to God for their strength, to be their all in all.
God truely is, emough! If there is something we don't have, then it might be something we don't need. Whether we can see it or figure it out or not. It might even be a "mystery" that is part of a tapestry and we can't see the whole picture~~~~yet. IT has to do with a state of our heart

CathyVal said...

HEY THERE "IT" GIRL! I love your blog and I just love all that you share! I lovee your thoughts on marriage it was great!

PS I Love Nitty Gritty! I'm addicted to reading her blog!

Elizabeth said...

Great blog, Jodi! Keep it up!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

What a fantastic entry! So very well said! It was great meeting you at the Scrap Etc. Event!

Suzanne said...

You're the greatest! I just love your attitude about life!!! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Oh, where is the spaghetti pie recipe???

Wendy Smedley said...

You are so right-you have to choose to make your marriage a priority. Good thoughts, thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

great thoughts as always Jodi-- thanks for being honest about life!