Monday, May 22, 2006

I say, "Skip the take-out and stay in."

Remember when I posted the recipe for Spaghetti Pie a week or so ago? {Scroll down about 8 entries and you'll find it sooner or later.} That's Ava helping me top it with mozzarella before popping it into the oven. The other night when my kids were eating something "kid-friendly" for dinner, I was standing with the fridge door open wondering what could jump out at me that would be tasty, healthy and easy for me to make. I was secretly hoping God would drop a Panera sandwich onto my kitchen counter from Heaven- which is part of the reason I was stalling with the fridge door open.
Then I spotted the package of Sundried Tomato Wraps. I had planned on grilling some chicken breast with Chip in a day or two and using these to make some quesadillas or something. So, I pulled out the wraps along with some deli turkey, crumbled feta cheese, a bag of spinach and baby red lettuce and some new Asian Ginger dressing. the next thing you know, it looks like I've just sat down to a casual gourmet dinner. I was feeling pretty good about my dinner creation just because I was enjoying the look of it on my plate. My kids all wanted to eat my "orange taco" too. I took the first few bites and was pleasantly surprised. Granted, I'm not going to be the "Next Food TV Network Chef", but it was really good! So good in fact, that last night I whipped them up again- for Chip and me. He was surprised at how good and easy they were too. And in case you don't know this about Chip- if he wasn't a golf pro, he would most likely be a chef. He loves cooking; gourmet-style, and the bigger the mess when he cooks, the better. I think maybe some of the creativity I am feeling in my new scrap-room is rubbing off on me in other rooms of the house too. Including (but not limited to) the kitchen. =)
Here's to enjoying making dinner again. Go on, try this one. I know you'll like it. By the way, I used T.Marzetti's Asian Ginger dressing- it's right in the salad section of our local grocery store. It comes in refidgerated jars. It's my new favorite!


shawnna/flipflopmom said...

just thought i would let you in on a little secret -- I LOVE this brand of salad dressing too -- and the bonus is that you can reuse the cool jars to store scrapbook embellishments in-- I always buy the ranch (my daughter loves it) that has the brushed nickle ish lid (hope that makes sense) any way - sadly i have my whole family collecting these little glass treasures for me after all I can't force Makenna to drink ranch with every meal, Right?! hee hee

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I have those SAME plates!!! LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM. My college roomies and I ate on them every day, and I can NEVER get rid of them. Don't you just love Target? :)

Suzelle said...

I am SO making those wraps.....YUM !!!!!

Suzanne said...

Those sun dried tomato wraps are MY FAV!! I use them for deli wraps too - also awesome for quesadillas & breakfast burritoes!

Yum!! Can't wait to make spaghetti pie - maybe next week!

caren said...

I love that dressing too! Not sure how I fell upon it one day but man - it is awesome. My daughter uses it as a vege dip too (instead of ranch). Good stuff! Thanks for the new sandwich idea too.