Friday, May 19, 2006

"Free Time"

In between making krispy treats and costumes for end-of-the-year school programs, and cleaning up puke and doing my usual loads of daily laundry, meal prep and grooming kids, you will find me here- immersed in the latest obsession of my life. Scrapbooking. I have found my new love.
In fact, it practically consumes my whole being- body, mind and spirit. If you don't believe me, just ask my nanny, Rachael. Better yet, stop over at her blog and ask her any question you want answered objectively about real life Nitty.Gritty. She hasn't updated in awhile and maybe all of you leaving comments asking about me would be just what she needs to get back into the game. She's gonna love me for this, I just know it!
By the way, I find it flattering that she would do a spin-off blog from me. I've considered doing my own, like
Anyway, back to me =), I've gotten lots of emails and comments about my thoughts and feelings the past few posts and just want everybody out there to be perfectly clear that I have no hard feelings or sad thoughts on what transpired here. My biggest fear is that people misunderstand me or take what I am writing the wrong way. I don't expect everyone to agree with my thoughts and opinions all the time. In fact one of the cool things about blogging is getting to read and think about other people's viewpoints. I appreciate that you all want me to stick around and keep it real, and that is what I fully intend. Remember? This blog isn't actually for anybody, except me...sometimes I just happen to touch on issues or experiences that you can totally or totally not, relate to.
As you can see, I am loving my new-found hobby, I am stretching myself and thinking things through and trying to learn how to use stuff around the house to pull pages together. If you haven't a clue what scrapbooking is all about, stick around here, because I am exploring this whole concept in a way I never looked at it before. For me it's not about cutesy pictures and sweet sayings to tie in with them- but instead, it's very similar to what you see and read here. Yep. I call it, {what else?} Nitty.Gritty. Scrapbooking and for me it means capturing my real-life thoughts and pictures on paper with cool embellishments and funky colors and stuff. It's about watching my own stories unfold in front of me. It's about remembering the quirky details or silly dreams I have in life at this very moment. It's about not wanting to forget the details- even if they're not all pretty and perfect. In fact, those are the moments and pictures that I find most scrapworthy.
Oh yeah. This hobby is gonna be my downfall, I just know it. It's gonna take me away from being the blogging madwoman I am, to something more intense. Remember when I asked you to go ask my nanny about me and scrapbooking? I wasn't kidding. I have scrap-dreams at night, I see page layout ideas while I'm reading CD covers, I'm saving cans of soda because I like the logos and colors and even imagining what kind of embellishments I could make that look like the little designs on my kids t-shirts. I thought being a fontaholic and making "font pancakes" was obsessive. Just you all wait! Okay. I'll have to admit it- a little bit of this blog is about YOU!


rhonda said...

So glad the scrapbooking bug bit you in Birmingham!
And is HIGHLY addictive...but HIGHLY enjoyable.
It is my outlet for STRESS!
I can sit at my table...and escape the daily pressures.
ENJOY the ride!
And PLEASE share some of your layouts on your blog!

Suzelle said...

You're so cool :)

Christineai said...

Yippee, Jody!!! You have officially crossed over to the [other] side! A big WELCOME to you!! This will be yet another way for you to express your darling self....and others are going to love looking at your creations just as we love reading your blog thoughts. Scrapbooking is such a healthy and worthwhile addiction. I can't wait til you're sharing your ideas at conventions and such. Have a great weekend :)

suburban mom said...

oh yeah, scrapooking rules. Are you a pea?? (

NittyGrittysNanny said...

Thanks for giving my blog a plug.. I think you did it just so I would do a new post. Well it worked because I just did, and guess what?? Your name is in it a couple of times. I miss you!!! See you Sunday afternoon

Christy said...

Good Morning Jodi- please..... can you post some layouts? It is always good to see what comes from the experiences of someone different from me. Then.......... I can scraplift it! Enjoy.

KathyG said...

I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to get hooked on scrapbooking. I think going to a scrap getaway with all that talent that was there would get me excited. I know what you mean about the scrapbook dreams or looking at a non scrapbooking magazine and thinking wow that would make a cute page. Have fun with your new love. And please share some of your layouts.


rhonda48089 said...

I knew you would cross over to the paper side sooner or later LOL