Saturday, April 01, 2006

My take on the MasterCard Ad...

First date at Mall of America- Dinner Planet Hollywood/Movie "Mrs. Doubtfire"-cost...$90.00

Wedding & Honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii....$9,000

Owning our first home....$78,000

Number of hours logged in hospitals for birth of 5 kids and other various traumas....feels like more than 78,000

Having you at my side as we walk life's journey together....Priceless.

Happy birthday to my best friend and husband, Chip. My life would not be the same without you in it- you've made me a better person in so many ways; you challenge me, laugh in the darkest moments with me, help me imagine our future and make me look forward to each new day. I can't think of anyone better suited for me than you. I love you with all my heart and wish you many more years of fun and adventure in this life. Happy, Happy birthday. {This is no April Fool's's all 100% true!}


Anonymous said...

As the woman that gave birth to this very premature baby, I have to say it was no joke at the time. April Fools Day was very alarming for us. I was told that this little baby weighing 3 lbs. 14 oz. would not live the night. I was not allowed to see him or hold him. I was given a sedative and put to sleep. When I opended my eyes in the morning I had no idea if I had a baby son or not.(Thank heaven times have changed for mothers on premature babies.) Thankfully, he was a fighter and had to fight for 10 days before he was out of intensive care. He spent 7 weeks in the hospital and I was not allowed to hold him until the day before he finally came home. Little did we know that many years later he would be fighting for his life once again and that he would experience the terrible pain of loss that I was spared the day he was born. The pain of losing his child is a pain that no medication can erase. Only by tuning to his wife and family and fighting internally with all of his might, could he begin to live again.
We are very proud of Chip and Jody for surviving what others, sadly, couldn't. Their reward is their love and their lovely family.
We called Chip earlier today and wished him a Happy Birthday. He was at his second love, the golf course!
Happy Birthday Chip! Love, Mom

Dawn Oberholtz said...

Very sweet! I hope you all had a wonderful day together! Blessings to you all! Dawn Oberholtz

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears readiang this post (comments included). Jody and Chip you seem to be two very special people. God bless both of you and also...."happy birthday"!!

ScrapHappy said...

This is so sweet! It is so refreshing to see couples that really love and support each other, and I get the best warm fuzzies from you and Chip, even though I haven't met you in person (yet!).
By the way, I got my tickets. I GOT MY TICKETS!!! I get in on Thurs. at 3:50.

Anonymous said...

Right back at you Jody. The great thing about a post like this is it make great "bulletin board material" if my beatiful wife Jody gets upset at me. On the serious side, I feel very much the same about my wife. I hope many who read this blog get to meet her someday, she is an amazing woman. I often say I overmarried, everybody who knows me agrees.

Anonymous said...

After reading the post and now the comments, I'd say you two were made for each other. Happy birthday to the man in your life!

Kellie said...

What a wonderful birthday tribute to an obviously wonderful birthday boy (man).



glo-girl said...


I dig it! PDA all the way, baby!!