Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How do kids know?

I'm wondering if it is in their DNA as kids- to have the ability to know when they are pushing too hard, and suddenly there's a moment when they have to turn on the charm...
Isabella has been so good at this lately. Last night she pulled this stunt on me at bedtime. She's a handful at getting tucked in and making her stay or at least read books quietly- she seems to get more and more energy as the night wears on. So, last night was no different, except that I was on my own at bedtime- with no nanny or Daddy to jump in and have them take a turn with her. She was begging me to come lay down for a few minutes. Normally- no big deal. Last night- uh, let's see...I'm trying to get my life all in order for this weekend when I'll be gone to Alabama. I had plenty of things to do, and the least pressing item on my to-do list was lay down and snuggle til my 3 year old falls asleep.
But, being the mom-in-th-moment kind of mom, I decided to lay down- rather than threaten and yell and lose my patience- which in case you're wondering, does wear thin on occasion. Last night it was getting pushed- but still had some give. So, I settled down next to Bella and expected her to start singing or story-telling or asking me if we can get a dog or something. Instead, she just turned over and said, "I love you, best Mommy. Merry Christmas."
If I were the kind of person to tear up easily, I would have been bawling. (No tears from me last night- thanks mostly to my staunch German heritage.) I did grin from ear to ear and I stayed a few minutes longer than I would have had Bella not poured on the sweetness.
So, that's my Nitty.Gritty. mushy story for you today. And to think I never, EVER, EVER wanted kids- when Chip and I first met. You know people are always telling people without kids that it'll be so different when you get your own. Well, the truth is, it's not different. Kids can be a real pain when they want to be. They can stress you out more than you dreamed possible. They can make you worry til you think your heart will break. But, they can be the most wonderful thing in the world- at a moment when you think you're almost running on empty. They can change a moment from being one you dread into one you hope you never forget. With a simple sentiment at bedtime such as, "I love you....Merry Christmas". In the middle of April, no less!


Jolene said...

I happened to be browsing blogs and noticed yours. It's really caught my attention and I've added it to my favorites list. It's really weird how you blog and complete strangers are reading about your life. I admire your faith and I can't believe all that you have been through. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your blog.

amy j. said...

Oh, boy do I know those moments. I've got a four year old who is the queen of those moments! Last night she was doing something similar and as in your case, I was going it alone cuz my husband is out of town. I'd gotten the younger one to bed and was rushing to get number one child asleep. She went to get a book for me to read, and for her to read in bed. She was taking her own sweet time and I had to keep telling her to hurry up already. Finally, just as I was about to blow my gasket with impatience, she came in and said, "I got a Teletubbie book...cuz my baby sister likes the Tubbies...and I still like the Tubbies too. But I don't tell my friends I still watch the Tubbies, cuz they'd think I was a baby." The expression on her face and the tone in her voice, which I can't recreate here, were just too funny. She said it with this tone of embarrassment and shyness that was way beyond her years. And I totally got it...that she didn't want to admit liking something sort of babish still at her age, but she'd admit it to me. Made me swoon with love for her...and forget she'd taken five minutes to pick out a book (and delay bed). She fell asleep quickly though and was down all night...from 8:30 p.m. Had to add that in there to show how totally spoiled I am with my children and their sleep and how silly I can be getting impatient even though I have about five hours to myself every night!

Anonymous said...

I confess, I'm read your blog almost daily but have only posted once I think. I just love how you share so freely. I feel like I know you! My two year old has been melting my heart lately! When I put her down to go to bed I'll ask her for a kiss and a hug. She tells me no but when I turn to walk out she calls out, "hug hug" or "kiss kiss". How can I resist? She's never been one to snuggle but now she's into "hold you hold you" and she'll snuggle up to my neck. My husband just shakes his head! I'll take the snuggles whenever I can get them! I too am spoiled by her wonderful sleep habits. She's known to entertain herself for up to an hour before she finally falls asleep! I love to listen to her talking and squealing!

Laura said...

ALRIGHT!!! I am joining the commenters. . . it's just another person who stumbled upon your blog and now checks it every day! (I even put a link on my blog!!!)It IS totally bizarrre how we all read the blogs of people we don't know. . I think in my case, I see qualities that make me think "Gosh I would really love to live down the street from this chick and be friends!" (Plus we share a GREAT obsession with fonts and polkadots!)

Suzelle said...

sweet :)

Anonymous said...

I have very strong-willed one, who will push and push and with all the good we try to meld into her~~"still" will go her own way. Then when things aren't going the way she thought they would~~laments and laments (poor me!!) wondering why "LIFE" is being so hard on her. My answer always is~~"DUH, did you ever think?" The answer would be "no!"!!!
Our other one is more pragmatic~~there is a strong will there but for some reason she will seem to think about what she'll do and "if" the mistakes are made will admit~"yup, that was a pretty dumb thing to do!" I've been parenting them for a few years now and I still have to shake my head. They're from the same 'parental units'~~so same gene pool. They are given the same values etc. BUT why oh why are they wired this way????? I agree with you that they come out wired in the way that their Creator wired them and that's about "all" I know in this LIFE>

lizziep901 said...

Haley likes to say "love you to the moon Mommy" and it melts my heart every time.

Melissa~ said...

"Well the truth is, it's not different"

Oh my gosh, I laughed at this Jody. Talk about the nitty. gritty. *LOL*

It is so hard to be a mom and you rarely hear people talk about the hard, annoying, "why are you doing this to me??" moments. Even though the great moments far outweigh them, it's nice to know other moms have the hard stuff too.

Thanks for making me laugh today.


MommyOutOfControl said...

Oh I love Merry Christmas in April! Matthew is always telling me Happy Birthday and singing it to 3 times a week (starting to make me feel REALLY old! LOL). They do have the funniest ways of making our hearts melt!

Jules said...

Hey Jody,

They are kinda hard to do, kids that is, funny how the 1 gorgeous moments make up for the 49 hard slogs! My son is 14 and man is he hard work, but he is the most extrordinary kid. His life will be filled and ours by association with ups and downs unknown to your average person simply cause he is so OUT there, he takes risks others wont, puts himself out there and amongst it with little fear of others looking and being negative. It is people like him who we all remember and other mums look at me with that look in their eye that says "oh boy lady i sooo feel for you!' Its tough, he pushes the boundries, he stretches as far as he can go, he makes me wanna push for euthanasia at times (and that aint for him, but for me!) but he is one of the most glorious people i know. So i reckon go the difficult ones and may God watch over us and guide us right! For a path without loose stones, slides and mud baths is a path that will teach us nothing about the journey and leave us with less apprecition of the end destination!

Take care