Thursday, April 06, 2006

Appreciating the life you've been given~

Last night I was glued to the television until 1:00am- totally out of character for me to do so. I found myself mesmerized by a series of shows on TLC about pediatric specialists reconstructing faces and skulls of kids born with abnormalties or other various facial traumas and growth.
Having been through my own medical experiences I find these particular shows very engaging. In part, it makes me realize there are other people and families out there going through more than I. It also jolts me back in the reality of my own life- which sometimes doesn't look so glamorous in the day to day living on the inside of it.
This series of shows, "Born Without a Face" and "FaceMakers" showed me just how blessed I am with the condition of my kids- including Wyndham. It is inspiring to me to watch another set of parents living out what I have claimed to be true in my own life. That being- we don't always get to choose what comes our way, good or bad, but we have the choice to make the best of any situation. It is amazing to see the strength and the courage that people have when faced with the most difficult situations thrown at them. I'm not the only one who has walked a bumpy road in life and found ways to smile along the path. Click to read about Juliana's story or to see the picture of this little girl. She is a living reminder that joy can come in the midst of brokeness and challenge. I will think of her when I start thinking I have it so rough. Kind of makes one realize just how lucky and easy we have it in life...and too often we take it for granted. I hope you appreciate your life a little bit more today.


amy j. said...

I know what you mean Jody. I watched a show on TLC the other night about a very rare skin disorder, My Skin Could Kill Me, and got the same feeling. My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes, which devastated us last year when she was diagnosed. By I told my husband the other night, "I never thought I would be grateful for diabetes...but I am now after seeing what those poor children are going through."

So true that we all need to take a step back sometimes and see how wonderful our lives are really in comparison to many, many others.

Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that little girl's parents were believers. I think I saw that show advertised even, but didn't watch it. It seems several people (different programming) who are hi-lighted on TLC are. Also that program on ABC, the Extreme MakeOver, Home Edition~~many of those helped, as well are believers. Just goes to show though none of us are exempt~that everybody has "something" to deal with. It's all a matter of degrees. We aren't going to get through this life without trials and tribulations!
Your own experiences will enable you to be able to empathize with other people who are suffering. God many times, makes pearls out of stones (is that the saying?)! He can make good come from a very bad thing! Maybe we can't see it with our human eyes right away, but it's true.
This blog is such a blessing (as you are) and thank you for your transparacy!

Caren said...

Hi Jody,

I have watched both shows and know I'm blessed with all the things in life that are important. Good health, love of family & friends, ability to work and earn a good living to provide for my family. Thanks for sharing.

Kerry said...


Your blog really makes me think about my life and how at times I take the small things for granted. I seriously think that stumbling on your blog was not an accident but yet a divine intervention. I'm really trying to be more present in the moment and truly appreciate the small things...Warm french toast, letter shaped pancakes and such!!
Sometimes I feel so bad that I have to see shows like this to I guess in essence see how fortunate I am by seeing someone else's story that maybe isn't as fortunate...okay I'm rambling but again thank you for opening my eyes!