Thursday, March 09, 2006

Under the wire...

Here I am writing just before the day is done- but still in time to get this published on Thursday. Had me a busy day with one sick little girl (Wyndham today- it was Ava the past 3 days. I've taught my kids to share so well they even do it with sicknesses.), lots of little projects to do, and one major trip to the grocery store. Had to do the grocery shopping as hubby will be headed out of town for the Novi, MI golf show. I will miss him and his help around here- but at least we'll all be eating great!
I had a major realization in good ol' Meijer Store today. Besides the fact that we all have way too much in this country- well a good many of us do- there are just far too many choices for a busy mom like myself to have to pick and choose from off the shelves. Wouldn't you agree? I mean, really, do we need 15 fragrances of Dawn dish soap and Tide detergent? I stand there reading the labels..."hmmm. Do I want Apple blossom, Spring Rain, or Ocean mist for the next 2 months? Or maybe I'll get the Oxygen-infused soap. Yeah. I could definitely get into extra oxygen while I do my dishes." To top it off, I'm reading the box of Corn Pops cereal this afternoon, and coming soon they will be offering 4 different box designs so that you could choose the one that best suits your personality or style.
First off- I know you're wondering how in the world I find time to sit around and read cereal boxes- and you know what? I don't have to answer that at this time. It's my blog. You'll just have to wait and see if I get back to you on that one- or else figure it out on your own.
Secondly, doesn't Kellogg's know what they are doing to fontaholic/design fanatic people like me? I thought 2 hours was a long time to grocery shop already. How am I gonna get my shopping done in a timely manner if I have to pick and choose between font styles on products?!! This is really frightening and yet exciting at the same time. My blood pressure shot up just imaginging all the new product labels that will be coming out soon. What's next? Design your own cereal box? Just like the photo stamps you can upload and buy. Oh yeah. I'm definitely going to have to go play with Photoshop and put my face on a cereal box. You knew I'd do it sooner or later- probably I'd look best on Froot Loops.
Never mind all that. I was actually trying to post a picture of Sally Field here as she appeared in 1965 playing the role of "Gidget." What a great tv show...and I haven't seen it for years, and can vaguely remember any of the episodes- although I know her friend's name was LaRue, and the hunky guy she liked was named Jeff. I think she used to lean on her surfboard and say things like, "Isn't he dreamy?!" Or maybe that was a line from 'The Parent Trap'. I can't be sure.
I've probably lost at least 70% of my readers by now. You have no idea who Gidget is and have no idea why I'm blogging about her. I'm not totally sure either. However, I've had the Gidget theme song in my head on and off for like a month now.
When I started singing it in the car on the way to get groceries I thought, I'll bet there's a site that has the words to the theme song and that way I can read them through and fill in the words I'm missing. Nope. Can't find it. Found a few cool pictures that I couldn't post here, and I think it would be neat to go back and live in the 60's for about 2 weeks. Great fashion. Okay. If you know all the lyrics to Gidget's theme song, please leave a comment or email me. You will be my new hero for at least the rest of the day.
I'll get you started because it might jog your memory. Hope to hear from someone!
"Do you believe in angels being real? I can erase any doubt you think that you feel. Wait'll you see my Gidget you'll want her for your valentine...." Something, something, something, something-thing, something, something, something, something-thing...You're gonna find that Gidget is mine!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Jody! Tell the girls to get better and that I miss them and brock too. It is so werid being away, I miss our nightly funny talks that make me laugh and just hanging out with you. In case any of you bloggers did not know, Jody is the greatest person to hang around with and I am so lucky to get to live with her and always get to see her new designs and ideas in person! hopefully i will be getting back down there soon, have a great day!


An Oregon Girl said...

Came across your blog through a link on a blog from a link on a blog (I know you get the picture)-- Just had to let you know that I just LOVE who you are! Your writing style is absolutely wonderful and entertaining (even if I don't know who Gidget is)!!

Bless You and Your Family Always!

merideth said...

jody, i discovered your blog after reading wendy smedley's. went to the site talking about teagan's accident. wow. you are an inspiration. my own faith has been so "convenient" to this point. maybe one result of your sharing your story will be that people like me will be inspired to put our trust more fully in Christ.

Jennifer said...

Guess what, I found the lyrics. I also used to love her in the flying nun!

If you're in doubt about angels being real
I can arrange to change any doubt you feel
Wait'll you see my Gidget
You'll want her for your Valentine
She's all that you adore
But stay away Gidget is spoken for
You're gonna find that Gidget is mine

Wendy Smedley said...

Can I just say how funny your posts are- I love Corn Pops- and read the back of the cereal box, mainly when it is new.
keep it coming I need to laugh and relate.

Wendy Smedley said...

Can I just say Corn Pops are my favorite!!
Keep up the blogging- I need someone to laugh with.

Wendy Smedley said...

Can I just say Corn Pops are my favorite!!
Keep up the blogging- I need someone to laugh with.

Anonymous said...

I was having so much fun typing the characters in the box so I could post- I guess I couldn't stop-
Sorry for the reptitive comments!!!

K :) said...

Ok, I was so intrigued by your post, that I needed to go find a sample of the Gidget theme song. Found it here: (click on Gidget)
I just loved it! I remember my sisters were big into Gidget. Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and posting. Jody, great post!

Finding My New Normal said...

I remember seeing reruns of Gidget. But the song that's been in my mind for the past week has been the theme song to the Patty Duke Show. But they're cousins! Identical cousins and you'll find, they look alike, they walk alike, sometimes they even talk alike...

ScrapHappy said...

Oh my gosh, you're on a roll today, g'friend! :)

Never watched Gidget but I'd probably totally be into it now.

Have you seen the Nikes that you can design yourself? I think you can do the same thing with Chuck Taylors. Woohoo!


Heidi said...

I was at Walmart today and spent 10 mins sniffing liquid detergents. I couldn't make up my mind on the different scents..Then another 10 mins deciding which dish washing liquid I wanted. Green Apple was the winner in that dept.

Then made a stop to get some Tylenal..Seriously, all that inhaling gave me a headache.

Heather H. said...

Gidget! Now that's a show that I'd buy all the season's of on dvd. I'd love for my kids to be hooked on shows like Gidget, Leave it to Beaver and Patty Duke...
Oh and (much) more importantly I received VERY HAPPY MAIL today, my Nitty. Gritty. fridge magnet came. The smile on my face lasted for nearly 1/2 an hour which is really someting today since I'm suffering major menstrual cramps (ok, maybe TMI, lol) and snotty nosed kids as well. Anyway thanks for the pick me up, the card, envelope, magnet, (everything) made my day. {Big Cheesy grin for ya!} HH

Anonymous said...

You're not a Gidget fan unless you go back to the first one...blonde, she just passed away a few months ago and was married to Bobby Darrin. Now I'm showing my age...and that I'm having a "senior moment" because I can't think of her name!! (smile) Her crush was on "Moon Doggie" and he was really "dreamie"!!

Anonymous said...

It came to me....the name of the original actress who played Gidget is Sandra Dee!!! How could I forget?? She was so cute and nearly every girl back then wished they could be her! Years later though her life was shared with the public and it wasn't perfect at all....she had an eating disorder and some other challenges! So the lesson from that is don't ever look at someone else and for what they have~because you can't know what their lives might be holding! By looking at the outside of something (someone) is a flawed perception. Hope this makes sense!