Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kicking it up a notch-

First, just a quick little ditty that happened last week. We've got a jacuzzi tub at our house that the kids love to "swim" in. I happened to climb in with my 3 girls the other night, because it's so much easier to scrub them when I'm in the middle of the suds- instead of hanging over the edge getting soaked and not having the least bit of control over who does what, when and how much. It was finally Bella's turn and she "ordered" the pink strawberry shampoo with a spoonful of the "green stuff" as well. I normally wouldn't do it, but I obliged her with my spa-line sugar body scrub. {I know...sounds like I'm living the life of luxury in my own home- but I assure you it's not quite the 5-Star resort club you are imagining in your head at this moment.}I did a quick shampoo on her and then I got into the sugar scrub. She was helping me rub it on her tummy and arms when she exclaimed, "Mmmmm, this is yummy. It smells just like lettuce!"
Mind you~ I eat a fair share of salads and mixed greens during the week, but it's not like I'm a huge salad person. And although Bella picks her favorites out of my salads and occasionally eats lettuce, I don't think that salad generally smells that fragrant. I got a good smile out of it- and told her what she was really smelling was Ginger-Citrus. She just said, "That's the kind I like!"
Now, back to my blog thoughts for today...
I was doing my quiet time this morning and reading some good Bible verses, which if you aren't a regular Bible reader and you don't know where to start, try reading Ephesians 4 and 5. [Ephesians is in the New Testament.]There are a lot of good thoughts in there and I found some words that struck a chord with me and hopefully will stick with me so that I could put them into practice in my daily living. The title comes from a thought I've been entertaining- not in regards to Emeril and cooking ["Kick it up a notch"], but in regards to getting more personal with some of you who want to do that. I'd like to invite any or all of you who have issues in your life- big or small- to email me or leave a comment if you are comfortable with that- so that I could pray for you. That's it. You can simply leave me your name, or you can write a bit about what you specifically want me to pray for.
I want to be honest here, I am not an ordained priestess. I am not a Saint Anything. I don't light candles or do any unusual worship rituals. I simply talk to God on a daily basis. I have seen prayer work over and over in my life, and I truly believe that God wants us to talk with Him- to vent our frustrations, to thank Him for the blessings we have, and to ask Him for help or strength to face certain obstacles that come up in our lives.
If you think I'm weird, that's okay. I'm just putting the opportunity out there for anybody that wants a little spiritual support in their life. Just so you know, I will pray for your situation; I would love updates from you as to how things are working out- if you feel led to share more; and I will leave this as an ongoing opportunity. SO, even if you stumble upon this post days or weeks later and you wish you could have someone pray for you- please email me. I will be humbled and honored to bring your requests, concerns, questions, and even thanks to God.
I guess you might say we're taking this blogging thing to the "next level". I am just trying to live out my life as I feel led by God. I think He would love to hear from you too! Email address: chip2jody@hotmail.com


Melissa~ said...

What a blessing Jody. :) I sent you an email, but wanted to leave a comment as well, that I am so blessed by your entries here and I will be praying for you as well. :)


i *heart* paper said...

Hi Jody - your blog is such an inspiration. I love reading your entries. Gosh, yes at first I was saying, "yes, yes," what a sweet sentiment to offer a prayer. But then when I really thought about it, although life isn't perfect, we're very blessed. So, I'd like to give my prayer to a friend of mine in the hospital...I'll send an email your way :-)

amy in illinois said...

Wow Jody ~ how wonderful of you to open up like this. I am inspired by your writing and your sharing and your testimony. I look at visiting a few blogs each day as my reward - a good way to end a day. Asking for prayer seems almost selfish, though I know God wants us to share it all with Him. And you asked. So - please pray for me as I step out beyond my role of Mom for 12 years and seek a full-time teaching job for the fall, when my youngest goes to kindergarten. That it would be a wise choice and a blessing for my family. That I would be calm throughout the application and interviewing process. That there would be a perfect position for me - or not - and that I can be content with that. Thanks for your prayers and your concern. I return the pryaers for your family, especially when I see the photos of your beautiful children!