Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A seven course dinner worth every calorie!

Sometimes in life I get to experience some really great things. Last night it was a sunset over Lake Michigan and a 7-course dinner with my husband and some new acquaintances. Posted are some of the pictures I snapped starting with the beach skyline and ending with dessert. If you've followed my life over the years- or have recently got caught up on parts of it through this blog, you know there has been a lot of bad stuff. I'll admit that. But you should also know that there has been a lot of good. And when the good comes my way- it's usually really good. Great even. These pics don't do our dinner justice...and if you haven't had a truly memorable meal in a long while, I highly recommend the Artisan Cooking School of Grand Haven. You cannot go wrong with this place. Home of my favorite Buttercream Icing! If you could smell these pictures, I know you would be drooling from the likes of these. Some of the other guests were making fun of me taking pictures of each course. I told them when I get old I am going to be happy to sit around and reminisce about things such as the "Valentine's Dinner of 2006". Yessiree...a dinner well worth remembering.

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Me! said...

I am totally cracking up here, with the mental picture in my head; You snapping photos of your food, and Chip rolling his eyes.

"Man...", he's thinking, "I've GOT to get her out of the house more often."

We had a nice night on Tuesday at church. The Mops had a nice dinner...good company, etc.