Friday, February 17, 2006

I should take my own advice!

For those of you who stop by this blog to be encouraged, inspired or otherwise think I am some sort of superhuman- this post is for you! Newsflash** I am just an everday, "normal" human being -lest you need proof of that beyond all the other posts I've written, today I present to you pictures.
I do crazy things a lot of times, but most of the time they are done purposefully. This one happened to me inadvertantly. I should have taken my own advice from several days back when I talked about what we all need a little bit more of in this world is contentment. Then I wrote a few day later about image and how we should accept ourselves as we are and love our flaws- although it's never wrong to work on self-improvements. That's where I found myself this morning.
I normally color my own hair and typically it turns out just fine. Or I end up liking it- even if it wasn't exactly what I had imagined my hair color to ultimately be. I was going for the "Extra Light Ash Blonde" look...which as you can see on the model on the front of the box of the haircolor {that I blurred the product name for so as not to cause scandal}, is a lovely shade of glossy blonde. I expected from previous episodes that my hair would look much like the picture- only shorter. I realized that.
However, as I rinsed I noticed that the hair hanging down in front of my nose was almost purple. I rinsed thoughroughly again and again, and then I grabbed a towel and started drying my hair. When I pulled back the towel I realized that it was indeed purple. Teagan would have loved it! However, she's not here and I don't exactly have a lot of clothes in my closet that match purple. I blow-dried it and still my hair looked purple. I used my favorite styling product [Pureology Texture this stuff!! If I posted the picture I wouldn't blur the name on this one...], and as you can see in the above picture of me and my youngest daughter, Ava, it still looks funky.
So, there you have it. The lesson here is that maybe I should have just let my hair grow out it's natural color (which I don't even know what that is anymore), and lived with dark roots and streaks. Instead, I've aged myself at least 10 years from the first picture of myself taken on Feb 15th to my purple-blue hair picture taken today. 10 years in 2 days! Maybe that could get me another appearance on Oprah! If I ever do go back on the show, I know one thing for sure...I won't be coloring my hair Ash Blonde the day beforehand!
Finally, if you have something nice to write besides, "{snickering at your purple hair}" in the comments section, please leave them here for me. Thanks for your support. And I'll be sure to post a new photo if I recolor my hair- just so you can see what happens.


Robin said...

I think it is fun! I too colored my hair the dog days of summer, and after leaving it on for 5 of the 20 minutes suggested, I was Marilyn Monroe! I am usually dark brown! Oh well, it was summer, and my grows back! I am sure Teagan is looking down saying "How cool is my mom!"

Rhonda said...

At least it didnt fall out! I could be worse. It matches the new Basic Grey scrapbook paper. Do a layout!

Heidi said...

Hi..I came across your blog from the Grey's Anatomy blog.

Great pics..Sorry about the color mishap but atleast your smiling..Good for you!

Going to catch up on your past entries.

btw..Root touch by Clairol is amazing..Incase u ever need an inbetween.

Anonymous said...

I think you look adorable, as always!

I have recently been coloring mine (highlights) for the first time, and I find it a never-ending process... It's never quite right. Argh. I'm kinda wishing I never messed with it -- but don't tell that to my hubby (who said those very words to me).


Christina said...

oh no! I think if you call the number on the box and tell them what happened they can help you fix it.

Other than that, you look MAH VE LOUS with a bit of purple... just in time for Mardi Gras! Get out the Beads!!!

ps. hi, can't remember if i've posted before but I stop by daily and love your blog