Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hair product and Heaven~ again!

Unless you've been following this blog from the beginning, or you know me in "real life", you probably get the feeling that I am hair-obsessed. Truth is I am a really low-maintenance person. I mean, think about it...4 kids at home, ages 7 and under. How much spare time do I really get for my own personal grooming? In fact, I've decided that a good, hot, steamy shower in the morning is equal to an extra hour of sleep to me. That's how some of us moms flourish in life. We adapt and compromise and trade off certain things for others- depending on our personal needs.
If you're a crazy, frazzled mom, I would love to hear what it is in your life that equate sleep with. I know you do it too!
Anyway, back to my non-hair obession that appears to actually be an obsession- here I am with Isabella, post-purple hair color. I thought it would be nice of me to post a current picture so you can see that I'm back to my near-normal, note I didn't say natural, haircolor. And there's the product that I love pictured above too.
I realize that I dogged on products yesterday, and I'm not bipolar or confused in saying that I love certain products. I can have favorite stuff that makes me happy- but I don't have to get sucked into the advertising and the lies that most products are trying to "sell us" in their messages. Does that make sense to you? Maybe you are a person who is easily swayed in your thinking by seeing a hunky, bald cartoon guy smiling in the background of a kitchen while a well-dressed make-up laden woman is wiping her counter with a scrub pad. (I'm referring to Mr. Clean here- in case you still don't get what I'm talking about...) Here's the deal. I buy stuff. I even swear by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- but I don't buy that my house will sparkle and I will be grinning and glowing as I scrub the crayon off my walls. It's just embellished advertising. What I do know is that my worth and happiness and ability to hang in there when life gets a bit messy comes not from a product that can "fix" my mess- but from God who promises to me a future in Heaven- joy for all eternity. That's why I hang in there. The author of the book I recommended yesterday ("Heaven, Your Real Home") puts it this way..."True contentment means asking less of this life because more is coming in the next." It's one of my favorite quotes. It helps me to realize that all the mundane activities, all the struggles and heartaches will be worth the glory I will experience in Heaven. And I believe that the troubles that we go through in life will make the joy we feel in eternity that much sweeter.
So, as I go through life and all that comes my way- the good, the bad, and the purple-streaked hair, it prepares me for the future that awaits me. I'm just working on living that out so in the end I will be worthy of my place in Heaven.
One more thought today. I was just looking at the picture of me and Bella here and noticed the striking resemblance she and I share. Wow. The eyes, the hair (hers is natural), the way we smiled and tipped our heads...she's a lot like me! I hope she loves being who she is in life. And now I know why I say she's a stinker and a cutie all rolled into one...she's just like me!!


rhonda said...

..."True contentment means asking less of this life because more is coming in the next." That is my very favorite quote.

I equate one hour of sleep hour of sleep. I can't replace it. If I dont get it then I just dont get it. My heaven here on earth is getting up early, making coffee, finding out no one used all the vanilla creme and playing yahoo spades with people I dont know!

One other thing. I never ever ever get to be by myself at home. There is always someone else there. It's like a conspiracy. If one leaves, one comes. It never fails. If I come home and no one else is there I feel like I am in a piece of heaven. You know how when there is a ray of sunshine coming through the window and you can see all the dust swirling around in it! I just stand there and watch it for a few minutes :)

Christina said...

seems like there's a lot of thinking about the fragility of life lately. I blogged about it yesterday due to tara whitney's post on the 21st.

in other news... your hair looks GREAT!

sleep is my best friend and worst enemy. it still irks me how I have to teach my kids to sleep. #2 took the longest to learn and we're all much happier because of it.
when i don't get enough sleep my brain is like oatmeal and no amount of chocolate or coke can help.

there's a saint who said something to the effect of this... now is not the time for sleeping, there's too much for us to do. our true rest will be in heaven.
I hate when I read a quote and write it down and then can't find where I've written it.

Valerie said...

you are gorgous - purple hair or no, inside & out.

sad to say, we don't have kids. but i can teel you right now that the Husband works swing shift, and the biggest joy in my life is coming home to a peaceful apartment. no hearing about the stress about his job, no complaining, just peace.

it doesn't mean i don't love him. nor that i miss him either, he's just one one those guys that has a very high stree level and (like the rest of his family) is a touch of a Drama Queen.

sometimes i feel like perhaps that this is the reason why the Lord hasn't blessed us with kids, because the Hubs is high maintenance.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Ahh, sleep!
I will gladly stay up too late:
-Doing crossword puzzles
-Reading blogs

Anonymous said...

Contentment, I think, comes with maturity in this age of materializm. It's so hard in our culture where every ad screams "you deserve it! You're #1! etc. etc. etc. A favorite (small) book of mine is called "The Treasure Principle" by Randy Alcorn and I highly recommend it. I love your blog and your purple hair~~well it will make for good story telling! We who color our hair all have stories...maybe not with your results but results nonetheless!