Monday, February 20, 2006

Don't you just love it

Some of you avid bloggers must feel the same way I do when you click over to a favorite blog and there is a new post. Don't you just love that!? Like getting mail that you actually want to rip open and read. I try to update this page reguarly and I usually have lots of material. I call it "blog fodder" when it happens to me. Good stuff. Funny stuff. Stuff that other people need or even don't need to know about.
I had lots of material today as we entertained 8 boys plus our own kids at a local bowling alley for Brock's birthday party. I could tell you about how I jammed out in the front seat of the car on the way to the bowling alley- reminding my husband about the rollerskating parties I used to go to as a kid- I belted out part of "Centerfold" {remember this one? Na na na na na na, na na na na nana na na angel is a centerfold} and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" as well as "Abra, abracadabra- I want to reach out and grab ya." Yep. Those should take you back a few years. I don't listen to stuff like that anymore- but I sure made me kids laugh when they watched my flashback routine.
I could blog about all the other stuff I did today- like bathe four kids, bake muffins and small loaves of zucchini bread, knit a few rows of a scarf I'm working on, wash and fold a couple of mega-loads of laundry, in addition to that 1st grader birthday party. Oh yeah. it's been a busy, but fun day. And I updated this just so some of you could be happy that you stopped by.
For the record...I take suggestions as to what you would like me to blog about in the comment section- or feel free to email me. I also read back through my comments on occasion just to stay on top of any comments that are left a few days or even weeks after the posted date. What can I say? I guess I care what you all think. Truly I do. Or I just don't have enough "real-life" stuff to keep me busy. Oh yeah. One more thing to let you all know- my hair isn't exactly purple anymore...more like a whitish-gray in spots. I can live with it for a bit. And thanks for all the nasty comments that you kept to well as the few nice ones you felt led to share. I appreciate the thoughtfulness! Now, if you're lucky I'll post something new and exciting tomorrow- which hopefully won't include any 80's hit lyrics!


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

LOL- girl, the old music keeps me young! i feel like an old lady if i don't listen to it some! tee hee!
i listen to modern christian and contemporary christian etc... but i still need my variety. : )

I just thought of something... do you guys live close to the church John Piper preaches at??
I love his books! he is incredible!

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Oh Jody, I love the '80s! Everytime I go to the scrapbook store, the first thing I do is change the station from country (sorry, but GAG) to the 80's classics. They love me enough to let me do it! ;)

Glad the hair thing is working itself out. I tell ya, you just look cute as always!

Tell me more about your knitting. I love it (hence my screenname). It is so calming for someone like me with energy to spare and anxiety issues!

i *heart* paper said...

OMG, I couldn't live without 80's music. It so defines my life as a thirty-something!

Katrina said...

Thanks a lot Jody...I will now have that centerfold song in my head ALL DAY LONG. LOL.

I hadn't seen the purple hair yet...I have to admit that I giggled just a little bit. Really, just a little.