Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just wondering...

Have you ever run over a skunk? How many people, on average, drive over skunks? You see, Chip (my hubby) and I were driving along the other night when suddenly there was a thump and an awful odor. Yep. We ran over a skunk- doing about 65 mph on the freeway. A theologically-based discussion followed which went something like this:
I say, "Why on earth did we have to be the ones to hit a skunk?"
He says, "People drive over skunks all the time. It's not just us."
Me, "I understand that people hit various animals while in their vehicles, but why did we have to hit a skunk? God could have made that skunk run the other direction. Or He could have made it run a bit slower so that the people behind us would have hit the skunk. Or He could have skipped creating skunks altogether. So, why us?"
Chip says, "Just get over it. Stuff like this can happen to with it."
Me, "I get it. But we had our daughter killed already- so couldn't God at least have somebody else hit the skunk?"
Chip, "Can we just stop talking about all this?"
So, here I am. Wondering people run over skunks all the time and I have just been lucky for the past 33 years to never have hit one? Would love to hear from you if you have run over a skunk. Just so I know God is not punishing me for something in this life.


Jody said...

I always click back to view my blog after posting and tonight as I reread this I just laughed outloud to myself. Seriously...I think you would probably laugh at us if you were in our lives listening to us talk, discuss, wonder, ponder and question the things that happen to us. To me, it is bascially funny all the time now. I guess I just wanted you to know that arguing about running over a skunk can be a funny thing. In case it should ever happen to you.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

seriously come down south as it may happen all too often! LOL
i think i've hit more opossums than i could ever count... not purposely- although i know people enjoy that kind of thing! ha!
i hope the stink left you quickly!
tee hee! when that happens to us someone usually quickly makes fun of the other 'assumming one farted'. we'll never grow up! : )

a.karina said...

I've hit some birds, but they wouldn't get out of they way. I live in Australia and in a rural area which we moved from 6 months ago back to Sydney. So in the rural area it was very low flying birds, and we have a 4WD (which I think are like your SUVs?) with a bullbar. DH did hit a kangaroo once on a camping trip to Uluru, he says there was no way to miss him and not roll the 4WD with 8 kids in the car, all in car were unhurt. So it's not just you, oh no maybe it's me ;-)

Jerrene said...

Yep, it was the first animal I ever hit---poor skunk :(! And yep, it was stinky! I'm in my 40's now, and so far have only hit 2 animals---the 2nd was a squirrel this fall.

The ironic story to this is I was driving my 16 yr. old to high school when we saw a squirrel bounding through a field. My "sweet" daughter said how stupid squirrels are---they deserve to be hit! I exclaimed "not true!! Do we go around hitting people because they're stupid??" Just two hours later I was driving by campus when a squirrel darted out directly under my tire!!! There was no way I could have missed it if I'd tried, it was instantaneous!!! Talk about feeling really weird.... I even drove around the block to make sure it was dead... thank heavens it was...! It is odd when things like this happen. Hope the skunks avoid your car from now on---and the "stupid" squirrels