Monday, January 30, 2006

Care to share?

I'm wondering about you. I've been thinking more about the post on contentment and it makes me wonder this...what is it that drives YOU? I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment. Or drop me an email:
I want to know what "it" is that makes you get up in the morning and do the things you do. What is "it" that you are trying to attain? You probably know what "it" is for me. At least I hope you do. For me it is my faith. It is the belief that I hold that there is more to life than we can see. I believe there is God and Heaven {and Hell!} and I am living my life each day in light of this fact. So, what is it for you that makes you want to live a certain way. What are you hoping to achieve when it's all said and done? What do you want your life to mean?
If you're up for it, tell me. I really, really want to know!


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

it's good to see ya again... just dropped by to see what's up.
the pics are adorable! i know that was such a blessing! love it when my parents come up and help.
okay so that is a good question! and i feel the same as you- My faith drives me... and I still fail... ya know? Every day I feel like I start all over again.
And I know I need to be more commited than I can be at times.

Robin said...

Just as you, my faith gets me up, and moves me forward each day. The promise of life here and in heaven.
But I also cherish my family. They get me going. Seeing my husband each day, and sharing new adventures with my daughters. Teaching them, discipling them, and praying that they become women of God. And knowing the responsibility I have to them as a Christian and parent.

cuznred said...

I feel like I fail every night. Every night I pray for strength. God wakes me up every morning and helps me to make the choices I make throughout the day. My girls are my heart. My husband is a blessing. My family is everything to me. But....what drives me is my faith, because in the end, it is God that has trusted me with them:)and without his guidance, I wouldn't know what to do or where to start with them.

Vicki said...

"It" is the journey. Everyday provides new avenues to learn, grow, sense, feel, and most of love. My "it" often changes with the day, the mood, with the person I am with, or maybe something I saw. That's why I call it my one one thing I find that keeps me going so I can wake up to find another and another and another. Life is a beautiful mystery.
Oh don't get me wrong some days I find the "it" to be horrible and unbelievably challanging so I remind myself that tomorrow I get the chance to find a beautiful, blissfully happy "it" so I get up and start again. If tomorrow doesn't come I can say I experienced tons of great "its" because I looked, experienced, and felt the days of my life.

elizabeth said...

my family
building community with others
idealistic thinking
teaching kids (i'm a high school teacher, though not currently teaching)
caring for others