Thursday, January 05, 2006

A bit more birthday.

Thought you might want a few more pictures of Wyndham being 5. She brought pretzel treats to preschool and her friends loved them! They make a lot less mess than frosted cupcakes, they're festive and easy to make. I highly recommend these to all you Moms out there who have to bring birthday snacks to school this year. We are partied out until February when we celebrate Valentine's and Brock's birthday. That gives me 6 weeks of normal life around here. Oh yeah- there's SuperBowl Sunday- but since the MN Vikings won't be playing- it's just a minor holiday. Tomorrow or the following day I will brainstorm and post about a new topic. I hope. Til then- enjoy Wyndham's day.


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing these great pics Jody! What a great birthday week! I am quite impressed with how often you are actaully in the pictures. 1000 pictures on my computer and 3 BAD ones of me. I have to twist my husbands arm to get him to pick up the camera! Those pretzels look yummy. Is it as simple as dipping them in frosting and adding sprinkles?

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

Yes, please share how you made these luscious looking pretzels??
You are so domestic lady! lol : )
I agree... very cool that you are in so many pics... I need to break out my tripod more. And need a nicer digi... that is coming though! Yay!

Toni said...

I love making chocolate covered pretzel sticks! I ususlly make'em for christmas, but I was gone for most of the month and sisn't do it this year, but yours sure look yummy!