Thursday, December 08, 2005

One of the purposes of my life.

I have come to realize that the basic purpose of my life the past 4 years up til today is to make other peoples' lives look easy. Remember the sermon I warned you about yesterday and you read it anyway? Well, today if you keep reading this you will walk away feeling very happy with the way things are going in your life. I'm almost sure of it. Read on if you want a little spring in your step- or renewed gratitude in your heart.
I am the first to agree that life indeed has its ups and downs- phases, pathways, sidesteps and all the euphamisms one can think of for this adventure we call life. However, mine sometimes get a bit extreme. I will recap the last 62 or so hours of my life to point out them out for you. If you don't like body functions or get grossed out easily, I suggest you just speed read to the end of this post.
Tuesday night. I showed you a smiling picture of me and a couple of my cuties making Christmas cookies. Mentioned that in the other room daughter had thrown up. Okay. So Wyndham is my almost 5 year old who has ongoing issues related to a closed-head injury she sustained as a small infant. We have bouts of her vomiting for any number of reasons off and on- it's sort of commonplace in our home now. That night was not unusual for us as she had a start of a cold and coughing for her can cause vomiting- it just does. She was coughing some through the night Tuesday night- but nothing serious. We woke up Wednesday morning and had her skip therapy and preschool- just so she wouldn't get more worn down- and because we didn't want her to throw up on someone else. We are very thoughtful people- her Daddy and I. =)
However, when I went to Isabella's room Wed. morning (after making cookies the night before) it smelled bad. I know that smell- "huh?" I thought. It smells like puke. Yep. I'm right. Bella had gotten sick in the night- threw up all over her bed and self...and slept anyway. So, first thing I start a nasty load of laundry (should mention here that I have that huge Maytag Neptune know- can wash 10 pair of jeans and 2 comforters at a time...that Neptune), and then stick Bella in the tub. It's about 8:12 am. Bella is fine the rest of the day. No tummy aches- eats her meals- she acts just like her usual spitfire self. I am happy about that.
Wyndham not so happy. She's still stuffed up- coughing and has little appetite. She's alright after a long nap- but not quite her usual self. I proceed to do 4 loads of laundry throughout the day- with one yet to go when I climb into bed last night.
This is getting really long, I know- but you want to really feel good about your own life, right?!
Here we are today. Thursday morning and I wake up and start laundry. Wyndham throws up a little bit after cough attack at breakfast. So, I start my second load of laundry. She took a long nap and woke up perkier- and was very thirsty and even had a little bit to eat. I was happy about that. Until an hour and a half later when she throws up on my bedroom hardwood floors. I give her a bath, and start more laundry- meanwhile my youngest daughter, Ava pours (okay she's not even 2 so I should say "spills") yogurt smoothie drink on living room floor. Um, oh yeah, it was blackberry and my carpet isn't lavender in my living room- so you could definitely see it. Get that cleaned up- next dinner time. I decide to put Wyndham on a bed to watch a video and rest while the rest of us finish dinner. I get back to the table and Ava has mashed potatoes and bananas smooshed in her hair.
Next on my agenda- bathtime...and more laundry- clothes, bathtowels...that kind of stuff. Was just going to get Ava out of tub when Bella asked to join her- so she jumps in. I start folding laundry- that's when Bella yells about "poopies in the tub". No- not puppies. Uh huh. Ava. So, I get them out- clean tub- then get the girls back in for another quick rinse. I put their jammies on and stuck them in front of the video and went to get Wyndham ready for bed. Yep.
She threw up all over the other bathroom. Floor, rugs, toilet seat cover, self, me...not pretty. By the way- I had just gotten out of the tub with Ava-B.P. (Before poopies). So, Wyndham goes in the tub- I actually just sat down and looked at the mess and actually cried. I rarely cry anymore- even though I'm a woman and have hormones. I just don't. I complain a lot- but rarely cry. I'm thinking, all I've done is laundry and baths and cleaned all day and when I look around I have more mess than when I started. Dishes in the kitchen- dishwasher needs to be emptied and then filled...more laundry and baths...and I smell like puke. This is my life for real if you were to walk in my house around 7 pm.
I gather myself, clean the bathroom while Wyndham's in the tub. Next, I get her partially dried off and am happy that I have enough clean towels in my closet to do so many baths...and then she starts throwing up again. Uh huh. All over the floor I just cleaned, the towels I just pulled from the closet, herself, me. Not pretty. This time I don't even cry. I think, "wow. I am going to have some authentic material to blog about tonight. Someone is going to be very happy with their life when they finish reading about mine."
It's 10:18. I just threw in my 9th Maytag Neptune-sized load of laundry in 48 hours, took a second bath since 7, and have 4 clean kids tucked in bed. Hubby is still at work...and will probably wonder why the dishwasher is only half emptied. He'll probably tell me I should blog a little less. I will smile- because I understand the purpose of my life. It's to make yours look easy. And just so you know, my husband is a good guy and has been through a lot of this mucky life stuff with me. He does some laundry when he's home...and in case he reads this, I must say, he is very lucky that I don't engage my hormones as often as I could. Hope you had a great day.
I came back and had to add a quick note after scrolling down my blog. I think it's funny that I recently had a post titled "the good ol' days". I guess that includes puke and poopies and laundry and dishes in the sink. That's what I call the "nitty gritty" these days. Stuff that happens- just does. That's my challenge in life these days- to not let it get me down- even when I can't control everything that happens. If you could see me right now I'd bet you'd never be able to guess what I did all day. And I don't even smell bad. I love that God helps me to be bigger than my circumstances- He is good about that most of the time!


krisT said...

Oh Jody, you poor thing! If you need a helper, I'll be glad to pinch in..

yvonne said...

jody, i just found your blog and hahave been reading and reading. I can't tell you how much I admire your strength. I remember you and your family from the oprah show years ago. I remember pulling my daughter to me and hugging her a little tighter that day. I remember thinking to myself I will never take a moment with her for granted. She is my only one. she is ten. I just wanted to let you know you and your family made an impact on my life. I have had things happen in my life that i wish i could erase or set back the hands of time knowing what i know now. anyway thank you. thank you for continuing to share your life with us.

Anonymous said...

That's another thing you can look forward to in heaven- no more laundry! No more sickness, tears, or stained clothes! Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and you are awesome at it! You're also blessed with more patience than most, and you inspire me to keep plugging away, despite the fact that the daily grind seems to never end...I love your perspective and ability to see the big picture. Thanks!

rose said...

if i have one day without kid/animal body fluids
or one day without some type of spill or mess to clean- it will be a miracle, for sure!!!

The one that cares. said...

(i just started reading your blog. amd i like it. i even try to do my homeworks/chores faster, so i can sit in front of the PC to catch up with your life. yup, i live other people's lives :| )

so, on topic: you just mad emy day.