Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blogging can be good for your lips...

Did you know that? I've met interesting people through this mode of communication- one of which sent me a package of lip balms and glosses after a comment about my husband not liking any products out there. How fun is that? So, in case you are one of the skeptics, who wonders who really is at the other end of the computer- blogging about life, scrapbooking, kids, religion, lip balms or whatever- see for yourself that most of us are really fairly normal, well-adjusted individuals. We like putting our mundane stories out there for other people to glean what they may from them...we seek to connect with those people with similar or very different interests. And sometimes when we take a step out in faith that these people have only true intentions we get back good things. Like a fun package of lip balms. {Thanks K-30 something!}


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

LOL- looks yummy!
Good pic to scrap i say. : )

Katrina said...

oh, good! I'm glad you got'll have to let me know what you both end up liking.

Tiffany said...


i just landed on your blog from greta's. i always see your picture on her blog and i say to myself, "cute girl. great hair" and then today it hit me that you had your own blog too.

duh. slow at times.

well. i just wanted to say hello and that i agree with you. blogging is a great community. a great way to communicate. to show a slice of your life. to inspire.