Tuesday, November 15, 2005

not much here...

I don't get how people can sit in front of tv and watch such mindless things, such as how various types of candy are made (think Food TV- "Unwrapped") or how animal control seizes 6 dogs from a home in Detroit (Animal Planet). I mean, sometimes I have the tv on just to unwind and so that I don't have to think. But I don't sit night after night and watch this stuff- I wonder who does. And how it can be so profitable to create these type of shows. How much does a narrator earn for walking us through the steps of how the Peeps marshmallows are produced?
Sorry. This is a slow day at nitty.gritty. Guess you could be asking who would read this stuff anyway? It's about as entertaining and informative as those shows about how food is made. I guess there is a market for this kind of stuff afterall. As far as the pay in blog world...so far I haven't earned a cent. I guess I'm into non-profit blogging. =)

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Jennifer said...

Hey Jody,
Last week we got rid of the TV on our main floor! I kept saying I wanted to do it when we had kids, but we decided why wait. I love it. It is so nice not having it there. We do have one in the basement but we don't watch too much TV with it downstairs.

So I am so inspired by your blog I am thinking about starting my own! =) I don't know that I have much to blog about but I'll let you know how it goes.