Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How do we see ourselves?

My son, Brock, is in first grade and brings home a folder of his schoolwork each Friday. One of his worksheets caught my eye. Normally is name is scrawled at the top of the page- this particular page instead of writing "Brock" he had written "Cool Brock".
I asked him why he had written "Cool" in front of his name, and he responded saying, "because I am- that's why!"
It made me grin in a big way. The past few days I've been thinking about that more and more. How is it that at age 6, my son feels so confident about himself that he would write "Cool Brock" for his teacher, friends and family to read- yet this same kid has yet to learn to ride his bike with or without training wheels? I guess I still have some work as his mother. To encourage him in his abilities and to push him harder in other areas of his life.
But what about the rest of us. Here's my gig for you today. Think about one word that you could put in front of your name that you would want others to "read" about you. I think we can be hard on ourselves and we can be critical to the point that we lose some of the best parts of us along the way. I need to think on this a bit more myself. That's part of what I hope to accomplish with this whole blog thing. To get to the deeper side of me and learn from those strengths and weaknesses I try to hide.
This one thing I know...if I were a cake I would write my name, "Buttercream Jody"! As usual, would love your comments. Or even just one might be fun. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm here, I'm reading.

Greta said...

yeah! jodi has a blog!!

welcome. name?....only one?

Love-to-have-fun-and-laugh-and-be-sarcastic-and-talk-about-ideas-and-dream-in-vintage-style Greta (does a hyphenated word count as one word?!)

so glad to have you on board!

Jennifer said...

I am still thinking of my word -- will have to get back to you on that! =)

I love your new blog!

Sunny said...

I just love kids! As a teacher I love watching them just be them. They truly are amazing. You have a gem who already thinks that his is cool. :)

Stacy J said...

I think you could also use the word "writer" in front of your name -- or just add it to buttercream. Something like Buttercream Writer Jodi -- what do you think?

McMGrad89 said...

I know that this was a very old post, but I came over from SIS to see what you were blogging about and decided to go to the very beginning.

I will have to follow this.

Regarding: Think about one word that you could put in front of your name that you would want others to "read" about you.

I would have to say - Funny Annemarie ... I could also say Verbose Mrs. Victory (I can't help but use big words.)

Looking forward to your newer posts.

512jellybeans said...

handi-capable jeannr

512jellybeans said...

oops - that was meant to be "jeaanne" not jeannr