Monday, November 07, 2005

The first day of the rest of my blogs

Wow. That was easy and this feels kinda good! I have been a daily reader of various blogs for several months now and just finally clicked the link- CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG today. I won't make any promises to you, the readers, about the content, the timeliness or the entertainment factor of this blog- but I will promise glimpses of my real life right here- for you to see and read about.
I apologize for any incorrect grammar, spelling and the overuse of the word buttercream. They are all bound to happen- so that's my disclaimer. The rest is up to you to read, ignore, respond or ponder. I welcome comments....and will probably reply to almost everyone of them. I love two-way dialogue- and even debate.
So, this is it. Thanks for coming over. I look forward to watching my life "virtually unfold" right here along with you. Happy Monday. Don't forget to add this link to your Favorites. I'm sure it will be!

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