Thursday, November 17, 2005

Every day can be a party!

This is a picture of my daughter, Wyndham. She looks like a happy birthday girl- but in fact, when this picture was snapped- her birthday was still 4 months away. What I love about this picture, besides her big smile, is that it says to me, "Life is what you make it."
My youngest daughter, Ava, pulls this hat out of one of our cabinets and walks around saying, "happy. happy." She wants me to put the hat on and sing, Happy Birthday to her. The other kids all like their turn wearing the hat too. We sing happy birthday to everyone and clap and laugh together. Like a real life "Leave it to Beaver" episode.
I've learned in my experiences that life can turn on a moments notice and so you need to celebrate and have fun even when there's no real reason to party. My kids love when I do this- which is not as oftern as it should be- but then that can take the fun out of it too. We've had cake and sang, "you cleaned the basement and made Mommy so happy". It's about living in the moment... and being content in the present time. Try it. You just might find partying for no reason to be the best kind of partying around.
Here's to celebrating just being! Happy "whatever-makes-you-happy" today.

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Anonymous said...

jody I smile ,cr and laugh whenever I read what you write. You are a joy and inspiration - Thank you!! - tmr